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Alpha and Omega


Genre :

Animation, Adventure, Family

Release Date :

September 17, 2010

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Anthony Bell, Ben Gluck

Starring :

Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Christina Ricci, Danny Glover, Dennis Hopper, Larry Miller, Eric Price, Vicki Lewis, Kevin Sussman

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Its been a long time since I wrote I say theres gonna be a second part since people saw or pleases so there could be second part so finally alpha and omega 2 and i even did't had to talk to someone that made this movie are talking in here and everywhere made it possible so the 2nd must be better or there might not be an alpha and omega 3

posted by Spyro on Sep 07, 2012 10:46:58

I love this movie I want to see the Alpha and Omega 2 in 2013 :)

posted by Fluffy Wolf on Aug 25, 2012 11:34:22

Alpha and Omega 2 will be the truth??

posted by Polish wolf on Jul 17, 2012 12:07:47

I love this movie!

posted by Shakey on Aug 05, 2011 10:15:22

this excellent I wish ther alpha and omega 2 a can wait

posted by helmy on May 30, 2011 09:52:33


posted by alpha and omega 2 on May 30, 2011 09:39:58

This movie will take for ever but i steal want to see Alpha and Omega 2 but i will give my best. Maybe if i look for the phone numbers of all ths actors snd not youst Justin Long I migth made it wish me luck guys for Alpha and Omega 2

posted by Spyro on Apr 16, 2011 12:15:37

ok i will phone tommorow any way if i can get the right number i doubt it though

posted by Kate on Apr 11, 2011 06:40:03


posted by Kate on Apr 11, 2011 06:36:12

Sequel plz

posted by Marshal on Mar 11, 2011 11:40:47

Omg alpha and omega was the bed there'd better be a sequel!!!!

posted by Slugger on Mar 03, 2011 06:56:55

Peepz what r u trying to say in your second message, because i dont get u.

posted by Spyro on Feb 28, 2011 09:44:05

The sequel page has been restored and seems promising plus there Is no add citation so this is hard evidance!!!!!

posted by Peepz on Feb 26, 2011 02:26:59


posted by Peepz on Feb 25, 2011 02:59:25

Well guys do the petition because I don't know how to do one, u guys know but I don't and I don't know if the petition is going to work on something.But do it if that makes u feel better for alpha and omega 2 and I will keep serching for Justins phone or cell number.

posted by Spyro on Feb 24, 2011 08:55:11

I know guys I need your help to find Justin Longs phone I already tried 274-4474. help me look for the number so I can call him. For alpha and omega 2.

posted by Spyro on Feb 23, 2011 09:47:08

Yah I doubt Justin long would hav any control war we need is a petition for lionsgate to see we need a sequel people!

posted by Kate 4 eva on Feb 23, 2011 05:47:01

No! U don't hunt down someones number! If u had it from a friend then it's okay but not if doesn't somehow know u wat we need is a petition er somtin

posted by Peepz on Feb 23, 2011 05:45:24

Dont be angry at me guys I thought it was the rigth one but i will find it I think there where 2 more websites with his phone

posted by Spyro on Feb 21, 2011 08:54:40

Yah 2 months and it's not his number great jobp

posted by Peepz on Feb 19, 2011 07:18:28

Ur a false prophet spyro

posted by Purplekate on Feb 19, 2011 07:17:27

Hey guys i called but it wasnt his number

posted by Spyro on Feb 19, 2011 02:30:07

Tell him how u got his number and ask him if he as any knowledge on a sequel

posted by Ped hunter on Feb 17, 2011 11:28:04

Guys I finally have money on my phone to call Justin Long but I'm too nervous I don't want him do denounce me or something because he doesn't know me . i only want to ask him about alpha and omega 2. Guys tell me what todo step by step.

posted by Spyro on Feb 17, 2011 08:51:12

Who are you kidding it's been like a month call him already!

posted by Humphry on Feb 16, 2011 04:07:06

Guys I'm on to call Justin Long, i lost his phone number but I found it again so i will ask him about alpha and omega 2, don't worry guys. I will try to convince him but also he will be my friends I will tell you guys what he told me. Dont worry lets it for ALPHA AND OMEGA 2

posted by Spyro on Feb 15, 2011 06:05:55

Whoa!this movie is so Freaking cool.I hope they will make Alpha and Omega2!!!!!

posted by Humphrey\'s Fan on Feb 15, 2011 03:33:18

Pls make Alpha and Omega2.I am going crazy over it.FYI this movie ROCKS!!!!!!

posted by Alpha and Omega on Feb 15, 2011 03:29:02

I loved this movie really want there to be a squel pls pls pls I am begging u to make a Alpha and Omega 2 pls!!!!!!!!

posted by Alpha and omega awso on Feb 15, 2011 01:59:14

Tell us what he says

posted by Nahay on Feb 14, 2011 05:31:49

GUYS don't pressure me i will put money on my phone tomorrow and i will speak to JUSTIN LONG on friday because i don't know if i can talk to him from TX to CALIFORNIA, but i will try for ALPHA AND OMEGA 2.

posted by Spyro on Feb 13, 2011 10:00:19

K then do it

posted by Peepz on Feb 09, 2011 11:06:10

I know u guys want a sequel but I need to pay, so I can use the phone, its beacause what i mean i dont have tax on my phone I can speak with justin Long jet until i put money on my phone, but i will try to contact Jutin Long for ALPHA AND OMEGA 2.

posted by Spyro on Feb 09, 2011 09:19:50

Wat do u mean u don't hav money in ur phone? We want a sequel!

posted by Bitchplease on Feb 08, 2011 10:48:37

This is the best movie I ever seen too but guy the confirmation of alpha and omega 2 it might be a lies and how could u know that there is going to be a alpha and omega 2 there needs to be proof that there is going to be a second part, like being in the news or in a video or something. It might be a lie and I'm still trying to contact Justin Long but I don't have money in my phone but i will try to do something and lets make sure that truly theres going to be a ALPHA AN OMEGA 2. Okay I will write latter.

posted by Spyro on Feb 08, 2011 09:42:43

There is going to be a sequel at 2013 and Lions gate confirmed it. THe BEST FILM EVER I'v watched over 20 times and i still love to watch it every day :):):):)):):):):).

posted by naruto48 on Jan 31, 2011 09:42:48

: ) awsome movie and hope there is a sequel. I watched it over 7 times and is still great to watch. XD

posted by Daniel on Jan 30, 2011 02:34:02

is there going to be a # 2 movie

posted by m&m on Jan 29, 2011 08:18:25

Damn it the sequel post on wiki was a lie but other sites said it's true I guess well have to wait and see wat happens

posted by Peepz on Jan 29, 2011 07:05:12

i think you should make a 2nd movie of alpha and omega so here is a good theme to start you out. the pack is running out of food and kate and humphrey have to diside if they should move to another place or stay and starve. and along the way they meet a new pack of wolves and the wolves dont like them to live with them so they have to fight to get there rights. and if you want BETTER themes call ME ay 1847-496-7307

posted by caty on Jan 28, 2011 09:40:04

pls pls make an alpha and omega 2 i loved the movie and every one wants to watch it

posted by humphfrey on Jan 27, 2011 06:53:50

please make an alpha and omega 2. it could be about lily,gart, kate and humpfrey getting captured by humans and trying to get back home.(lily and kate have pups at the end)

posted by gd boy on Jan 27, 2011 06:47:48

awesome move i want a alpha and omega 2

posted by cool kid on Jan 27, 2011 06:45:33

Well Shade I see u r back and its on September 17 of 2014 Because it said on wiki tha it will on thearer 4 years after the first 1 was posted or something like that,but it might be a lie that someone wrote or it will take long beacuse of alot of movies coming or they just wanted to make it more exciting. Well i think some dude wrote that so that we can shut up, I don't know what u guy think. AND I STIL WANT ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 NOW.

posted by Spyro on Jan 25, 2011 09:32:15

Just ask him if a the sequel is legit

posted by Peepz on Jan 25, 2011 09:25:03

I dont know Justin long I only have his cel number that i found, but I dont know what to tell him beside he is an actor and is very hard to talk to them, but he is part of the movie ALPHA AND OMEGA, so y need advice of what I am going to tell him about ALPHA aND OMEGA 2. Should I ask him and talk to him about or what do I say?

posted by Spyro on Jan 25, 2011 05:40:06

I want to see a sequel just as bad as u guys but we need to do more research to see that this is legit u said u know justin long er somtin?

posted by Peepz on Jan 25, 2011 03:25:53

Yah we can wait we don't want it to suck how do u know it's on the 17th?

posted by Shade on Jan 24, 2011 11:25:07

U said that wasn't true and how'd u find out what day/year?

posted by Peepz on Jan 24, 2011 11:23:39

my absolute new fav movie of all time i love itttt

posted by damicooo on Jan 24, 2011 07:22:58


posted by Spyro on Jan 24, 2011 02:40:31

Why don't u ask him instead of saying u r either do it or don't dude

posted by Rainbowsix on Jan 23, 2011 10:16:34

Yeah cuz happy feet came out in 2006 and sometime this year happyfeet2 is coming out so it's not abnormal to come out 4 years later these movies take a lot of work

posted by Peepz on Jan 23, 2011 06:34:42

If u look at the to be anounced forams it says 2013-2015 is the range they're going for

posted by Peepz on Jan 23, 2011 05:49:37

I just saw the información of alpha and omega 2 that there is going to be a alpha and omega 2 , but 4 years to make alpha and omega 2, no way, alpha and omega 2 is going to take too long to be done, I mean, it doesnt take too long to make a movie, and plus wikipedia sometime they say lies, we better make sure its true, lets try asking Justin Long if there is going to be a alpha and omega 2. So dont get excited what is on wikipedia of alpha and omega 2 might be a lies, but we still want ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 yeeeeeeeeeeh.

posted by Spyro on Jan 23, 2011 01:37:16

Wat do u mean want u are u like stalkin him er somtin?

posted by Bandito on Jan 23, 2011 01:04:32

How bout you contact Justin long and keep it at that, that seems like it would help more than knowing who I am

posted by Shade on Jan 22, 2011 12:22:57

Shade, ok I will stop asking u of were u live I just wanted to help u, so I will tell u where I live, I live in El Paso TX USA, but r wr steel going to work together so there can be a alpha and omega 2 right.

posted by Spyro on Jan 22, 2011 12:13:10

Hey Shade, also someone Killergal is talking to us in this website maybe he should join us, hey Killergal do u want to join us so there can be a alpha and omega 2 , Shade and Spyro that me r putting a plan so there can be a alpha and omega 2 . Want to join us FOR ALPHA AND OMEGA 2.

posted by Spyro on Jan 22, 2011 12:06:12

Yeah it's gonna be in like 3 years though

posted by Peepz on Jan 22, 2011 11:00:20

Hey guys r u sure theres going to be a alpha and omega 2 . Beacause I think , Shade doesnt want me anymore , so r u guys sure that there is going to be a alpha and omega 2 , I want to make sure its true, mayb I should talk to Justin Long if can make it , so make sure its true about alpha and omega 2.

posted by Spyro on Jan 22, 2011 08:22:11

No teams are nessisary they're are making a sequel go to wiki

posted by Peepz on Jan 22, 2011 08:13:30

Lionsgate has just confirmed theyre making a sequel! It's on wikipedia!

posted by Fanaticsquireel on Jan 22, 2011 07:36:06

What are you people talking about?

posted by Killergal on Jan 22, 2011 04:43:01

Dude that's it I'm done! quit asking me where I live! I'm out man I'm out

posted by Shade on Jan 22, 2011 04:31:25


posted by Shade on Jan 22, 2011 04:16:34

this movie is good like make one or two more sequels and yeah that'll be good i dont know why theres gonna be a Space chimps 2 or shit like that so stupid

posted by good movie on Jan 22, 2011 03:05:15

I will do what u need but dont be angry beside my plan could work and with yours everyone will see ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 but please dont be angry at me

posted by Spyro on Jan 22, 2011 01:46:25

Also Shade, there must be a way alpha and omega 2 , its because I cant login in facebook because my school has it blocked and a few other websites u r telling me so all I ask u is that lets work on a team lm also asking u totell me were u live, lets work together, u do the web site, gather people and fans that want to see a alpha and omega 2 and tell me were is your website, while I try to call someone who was on the make of alpha and omega so there can be a alpha and omega 2 beside its too difficult to convince, well Shade u r with me. FOR ALPHA AND OMEGA 2.

posted by Spyro on Jan 22, 2011 01:41:12

Well Shade, I dont know how to create a fan site, and I dont know how to get to facebook, and well at least tell me at what city and state that u live and how old r u, because I do want to help u,but I dont want to comunicate from this website, and Im not being creepy, tell u what answer the question I ask u and do the website while I try to call Justin Long and just lets do it for ALPHA AND OMEGA 2.

posted by Spyro on Jan 21, 2011 11:56:04

Yah a popular fansite is the best way to get their attention

posted by Redlantern67 on Jan 21, 2011 11:35:59

1 Justin long is just an actor so all he can do is tell if they are 2 this is the best way to comunicate 3 they won't take unsolicited scripts so all we can do is convince them so we need a legit fansite

posted by Shade on Jan 21, 2011 11:32:38

I'm sorry about we're I wanted to know where u live Shade but its just so we can work together about Alpha and Omega 2, and its nothing creepy, its just to do alpha and omega 2,so thats why i need to know where u live or if u have a better idea to communicate with out going to the same website every day. And also if anyone has a plan a alpha and omega 2, well say it, well I'll try to talk to Justin Long with his phone that I found on the internet. Beside Justing Long looks like an old friend of my aunt it looks identical except for the hair.Well Shade i just need your opinion about alpha and omega 2 and a way to communicate.

posted by Spyro on Jan 21, 2011 10:23:23

I just watched this movie and it was GREAT. MAKE MORE ALPHA AND OMEGA!

posted by stroos on Jan 20, 2011 10:46:57

Why do you need to know where I live, that's kinda creepy

posted by Shade on Jan 20, 2011 10:17:11

Okay I am with u Shade but, we shouldn't make a the sequel our selves beacuause we are not genuises, we just have to convince the actors or the director of alpha and omega to make a 2nd part I will try to talk to Justin Long, ohh and we're do u live Shade so we can talk about a 2nd part of Alpha and Omega.

posted by Spyro on Jan 20, 2011 08:57:21

Spyro are you a ped er something?

posted by Killergal on Jan 20, 2011 06:51:36

How do you know Justin long?

posted by Alpha man37 on Jan 20, 2011 06:50:13

There's a page up on facebook promoting a sequel everyone like it we may be able to pull this off!

posted by Shade on Jan 20, 2011 06:48:42

What we could do is get lionsgates public email, get thousands of people to like the page/ fansite and email a screenshot of the numbers to them

posted by Shade on Jan 19, 2011 09:45:19

I'm not good with computers but I could make a facebook page but a legit fansite would be good too

posted by Shade on Jan 19, 2011 09:35:13


posted by Spyro on Jan 19, 2011 09:31:18

The best film i really want to make alpha and omega 2

posted by Aleksandur Franker on Jan 19, 2011 06:18:57

Everyone who loved this movie tell others to favorite a page I'm working on to push for a sequel it'll be made soon!

posted by shade on Jan 19, 2011 02:47:08

This is movie is really good.I wish to see a sequel for this movie.

posted by SaveTheWolves on Jan 19, 2011 02:46:44

Spyro we've got to create a fan site for lionsgate to see

posted by Shade on Jan 18, 2011 08:26:24

Even though critiques didn't like it it costed 20 million to make and they made 40 million which made it their highest grossing animated film they've got to make a sequel!

posted by Shade on Jan 18, 2011 08:23:41

A sequel must be made

posted by Shade on Jan 18, 2011 07:59:43

We Want ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 and even 3 NOW

posted by Spyro on Jan 18, 2011 02:35:14

if u want to see Alpha and Omega 2 please join this grop on facebook "We would like to see an Alpha and Omega 2" we need your help.

posted by CkW on Jan 16, 2011 08:53:25

I had a great time watching this movie, and probably will the next 30 times. Deffinatley needs a sequal, need to know what happens after they get married.

posted by Need a 2nd one!! on Jan 16, 2011 07:04:44

That movie was awesome! That movie had romance and adventure! Movies like that are always awesome! And they had wolves too! That movie ROCKED!!!!!!!!! That was the best movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should totally make an " The Alpha and Omega 2 " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Alpha and Omega RULE on Jan 14, 2011 12:10:27

This Movie Is Great And I just Love Watching It OVer And Over Again

posted by Wolf Lover on Jan 12, 2011 03:20:48

Dwayne Bonello this animated movie i really like it it's excellent 5 stars and the story it's excellent this animated move just like balto story!

posted by Dwayne Bonello on Jan 12, 2011 01:42:50

This movie was the best! As soon as it comes out on dvd I'm there! (As soon as school allows me, of course) I paid to watch this movie four times in theaters. I can't believe critics only gave it two stars when it's an obvious five. Guess they don't know a good movie even if it bites them in the butt ;D if one would live off of movies, then I would be watching this one day in and day out!

posted by AlphaOmegaFan101 on Jan 09, 2011 08:01:40

AWesume film im sucker for animated movies but this one really hit the spot,cant believe reviewers gave it a 2 probably coz the storys been told in other animations,but the movie is so upbeat and loving how cant you fall for this film, probably one of my all time fav animated movies

posted by A n O d BOMB on Jan 04, 2011 09:10:58

This movie was awesome. i paid to see this movie twice. A great flick to watch. can't wait to see it come out on DVD on Jan. 11, 2011

posted by error on Dec 16, 2010 07:37:55

Amazing. Purely amazing. Somehow, see this movie. It was so incredibly cute and moving. I wish I was Humphrey. I'm a 16 year old guy by the way.

posted by Hey on Dec 07, 2010 12:30:26

Very Good Movie. It's the first one in a while where an adult can bring a child to see it and still be entertained themselves. Also, although the plot has been done, the characters/actors give a performance that approaches it from a new and interesting angle. Also I know a few teenagers who act like characters in the movie, so that's a plus.

posted by humphrey on Nov 09, 2010 09:09:36


posted by err on Nov 08, 2010 12:44:26

i love this film i hope they make sequals and put the 1st one on dvd soon becuase i can rewatch this over and over again without getting tired of it :) i love alpha and omega

posted by yay on Oct 29, 2010 12:06:05

Loved it! Hard to find good-natured family movies like these nowadays. =) Good job!

posted by Snow Leopard on Oct 18, 2010 03:27:31

The best movie I've ever seen! For me, A and O kick the ass of The Legend of the gardian. Rock solid story, impressive character developpement, jokes for every tastes, etc... I've paid 7 times for it. It will come out on DvD on december 7, but I can be wrong.

posted by warbear67 on Oct 16, 2010 11:20:16

Best movie EVER!!!!! So great like Balto in 1995. I LOVE IT!!

posted by PsychPhil on Oct 09, 2010 01:26:22

I love this movie. I thought it was excellent movie. Some parts were hillarious, some weren't. It was like Open season, and I loved that movie, too.

posted by John on Oct 05, 2010 09:42:45

Everyone this movie is NOT from disney.

posted by Spyro on Sep 28, 2010 02:50:11


posted by Spyro on Sep 27, 2010 05:43:57

Hi everyone, I came back to tell that this is the best movie ever its an AMAZING MOVIE!!!...hope there's a sequal.Long time since I wrote on 13 and 20 of September. I hope they make a second part or even better a third part like wolvf lovr from September 26 said everyone of you should write about a second and third part of it soo it can go all around the country and soo the director of these movie will make a second part even a third so everyone I BEG YOU EVERYONE ALL AROUND THE WORLD WRITE ABOUT A 2nd PART EVEN A 3rd PART EVEN TELL FRIENDS, FAMILY ETC SOO THE DIRECTOR WOULD WRITE A 2nd PART AND A 3RD PART.Now my reasons that I want a 2nd part of ALPHA AND OMEGA is that I think that shoul NOT be the end and because maybe if they make a 2nd and 3rd part of it, there might apper the kids of Humprey and Kate. And there also migth be even greater adventure SO EVERYONE START WRITTING ABOUT A SECOND PART AND A THIRD PART TELL IT TO YOUR FRIEND FAMILY AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU SO THEY CAN MAKE A SECOND AND THIRD PART OF IT. AND IF YOU ARE FRIEND OF AN DIRECTOR, FRIEND OF A ACTOR OR FRIEND OF A SUPERSTAR OF HOLLYWOOD TELL IT TO HIM OR HER SO HOLLOWOOD CAN MAKE ONE SPREAD IT ALL AOUND THE WORLD EVEN HOOLLYWOOD, SO KEEP TELLING IT ABOUT ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 AND 3, CONVINCE EVERYONE, I WILL KEEP WRITTING OHH AND I LIVE IN EL PASO TEXAS, uNITED STATES. SOO ALPHA AND OMEGA 2 AND 3 EVERYONE AND BYE. IWILL WRITE LATER.

posted by Spyro on Sep 27, 2010 05:39:30

Best movie ever

posted by Josh on Sep 27, 2010 03:06:52

AMAZING MOVIE!!!...hope there's a sequal

posted by wolf lovr on Sep 26, 2010 04:46:05

I don't care what the Critics say, I loved this movie! It was a classic love story. The soundtrack is so beautiful too! This is one of those movies I'll never forget. I love animated animal movies, the end of this movie just tugged at my heart! I recommend this movie to families everywhere!

posted by DissotoandCrystal on Sep 25, 2010 10:25:44

I loved this movie so much! I saw the commercials for it and instantly fell in love. I love how love managed to find it's way with Kate and Humphrey, no matter how different they were! The ending even made me cry. I recommend it for everyone! I say this is Disney's best movie yet :)

posted by AlphaOmega312 on Sep 25, 2010 08:38:04

This is a wonderfully charming and heart tugging movie! It reminds me of how classic animated movies used to be before they got so snarky!! This movie makes me cry. Your whole family will love it!

posted by tz on Sep 22, 2010 04:04:05

Ohh and I saw this movie at tinseltown cinemark at the end of the movie first then at 6:45 from the begining till the end yesterday September 19, 2 days after they gave the premire. Well Now Bye.I loved Alpha and Omega.

posted by Spyro on Sep 20, 2010 10:33:52

I loved this movie it was so beautiful it was more than I expected I think this is favorite movies of all the movies in the hole universe, I'm saying this movie is now my first first favorite tell me when it comes out on dvd.Ohh and I liked the end it was beautiful that Humprey and Kate did get married and the sister of Kate too. So I loved it it went to my heart this movie. I'm going to get 3 movies or 4 movies of Alpha and Omega because I loved it, I'm going to get it on DVD. Well thats all and bye

posted by Spyro on Sep 20, 2010 10:30:49

It was A-Mazing, the ending, (not going to spoil it) was so heart-string tugging it made me cry x.x an i'm a 20 yr old guy X3 Wonderfully put together, luved every bit of it, really want it out on video to have it for my very own :D

posted by Damon on Sep 20, 2010 10:16:04

This movie is going to be freeking awesome I really going to see this movie, but if I could just 1 of the First persons to see it's premire.Ohh well but I would like to see it on 17 the premire at midnight, 18 ,19 or 20, the reason I want to wacth it is beacause I read that in this movie Kate(alpha) and Humphrey(Omega)fall in love and the second reason is because it looks cool by the previous.

posted by Spyro on Sep 13, 2010 10:25:40

looks cool. classic disney storytelling.

posted by beaches on May 27, 2010 10:24:48

Cool, Like to watch this movie.

posted by jack on May 26, 2010 02:29:17

cool.like to watch this movie

posted by 007 on May 25, 2010 06:58:29


posted by Tbtlxhec on Jul 14, 2009 09:26:45