Shop Boyz Biography

Shop Boyz


Famous as :

Hip-hop group

Birth Place :

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Claim to fame :

Single "Party Like a Rockstar" (2007)



outlets and clubs and rapidly caused a hullabaloo across the country. It was probably due to the blend of some music genre that the song's fans were ranging from children, usual hip-hoppers to punk rockers. "Rock stars party freely," said Sheed. "They don't hold back. That's the way we like to party."

It wasn't long that the song was played by local DJ T-Rock and became a phenomenon. Ondeck Records soon signed a deal with the group and released their debut CD "Rockstar Mentality" in 2007. For one thing, their songs speak for themselves and avoid the mainstream. If most hip-hopers use outspoken language and discuss heavy length, Shop Boyz' materials are all about fun beats and positive issues. "It's a lot of energy," says Meany. "I think people are gonna like it because you gotta dance to it. It's another movement." That movement was indeed the right choice to catapult stardom. The recipe? Being different.

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