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Bad Meets Evil

Bad Meets Evil


Famous as :

Hip-hop duo

Birth Place :

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Claim to fame :

Single "Fast Lane" (2011)


Bad Meets Evil is a hip-hop duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5'9". They first met in 1997 at a concert in Detroit, and released their debut single "Nuttin' to Do" in 1999. They later went their separate ways following "a reluctant feud", but reconciled soon after the shooting of their mutual friend and fellow rapper Proof in 2006.

In April 2011, Eminem announced his plan to return to studio with Royce and release a new music together. "Royce and I started hanging out again and inevitably that led us back into the studio," the Slim Shady said in a statement. "At first we were just seeing where it went without any real goal in mind, but the songs started to come together crazy, so here we are."

Latest News

Eminem Premieres Bad Meets Evil's 'Lighters' Video Ft. Bruno Mars

August 23, 2011 01:43:22 GMT

's "Lighters" music video has been released, featuring , Royce da 5'9" and their collaborator . It opens with the Slim Shady lounging on a messy room while attempting to write lyrics. Feeling trapped, he climbs down a ladder to an underground tunnel in hopes to escape his frustration.

Eminem and Bruno Mars Filming Bad Meets Evil's 'Lighters' Video

July 21, 2011 08:12:19 GMT

It seems that and Royce Da 5'9" have decided to release -assisted track "Lighters" as the next single. As an effort to support the song, a music video has already been filmed and is expected to premiere sometime soon.

Bad Meets Evil's Royce Releases 'Legendary' Ft. Travis Barker

July 19, 2011 08:17:08 GMT

After having a success reunion with , Royce Da 5'9" is now getting ready for his next solo studio effort "Success Is Certain". In anticipation of the album, he dropped a single called "Legendary" via Rolling Stone. The song features drum-smacking sound courtesy of drummer .

Artist of the Week: Bad Meets Evil

July 04, 2011 06:10:52 GMT

While some of the music groups fell out in the past few months, were quite the opposite. They reconciled following the death of their mutual friend and fellow rapper Proof in 2006, and made their reconnection stronger the following years by working on projects together.

Eminem's Bad Meets Evil Album 'Hell: The Sequel' Tops Hot 200

June 23, 2011 03:20:54 GMT

and his partner Royce da 5'9" have prevented from extending her long-running reign on Billboard Hot 200. The newly-reunited Hip-Hop duo bows at No. 1 on the U.S. album chart with "", their first release since twelve years.

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June 14, 2011 07:56:16 GMT

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'Ben 10' to Get Big Screen Treatment

June 14, 2011 07:53:48 GMT

After growing into a massive franchise, "" is going to have a big screen treatment. Joel Silver, "" producer, is set to develop the Cartoon Network series, with Warner Bros. Pictures handling the distribution.

Official Cast of 'Bachelor Pad' Includes Ashley Herbert's Suitors

June 14, 2011 07:34:52 GMT

ABC has officially announced the cast of "" season 2, confirming Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi's involvement. This will be the first time the former engaged couple of "" season 14 reunite after their post-split interview a year ago.

Eminem Talks About His Bad Meets Evil Joke Which Targets Lady GaGa

June 14, 2011 07:29:01 GMT

has spoken for the very first time about his lines in 's song "A Kiss" which takes a jab at fellow artist . Despite calling the outlandish singer a "male lady" in the track, the Slim Shady insists he has nothing but respect for her.

Food Poisoning and Exhaustion Sent Selena Gomez to Hospital

June 13, 2011 02:23:58 GMT

was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles last Thursday, June 9 after complaining of nausea and a severe headache, and speculations on what may have put her there have since been swirling. One insider told Us Weekly that the "" actress collapsed from food poisoning that was worsened by exhaustion.

Video: Eminem's Bad Meets Evil Performance at Bonnaroo's Day 3

June 13, 2011 01:47:51 GMT

was one of the big headliners and much-awaited musical guests at 2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The Slim Shady performed at the annual festival on Saturday night, June 11, running the What stage with his partner Royce da 5'9".

Harry and McGonagall Cast Spells on New 'Deathly Hallows 2' Posters

June 09, 2011 04:25:52 GMT

"" will obviously become the battle ground between Harry and Lord Voldemort. Nevertheless, the fact does not mean that Professor McGonagall could not show off her fighting abilities against Voldemort's followers, Death Eaters. New posters from the upcoming film feature the characters, including 's Harry and 's McGonagall, in action.

New 'True Blood' Season 4 Promo: True Identities Revealed

June 09, 2011 04:16:52 GMT

Another promo video for "" season 4 has been aired after the "Digging Up True Blood Season 3" on HBO. It features new scenes from the upcoming season as well as some tidbits from the cast members.

Eminem Plays With His Spit-Fire Lyrics in Bad Meets Evil's 'Fast Lane' Video

June 09, 2011 03:40:39 GMT

"Fast Lane", the first single of 's reunion project, has got an official music video. It features and his partner Royce da 5'9" in an abandoned warehouse playing and abusing their lyrics while trading them in a spit-fire style. It's filmed in Southwestern Detroit and directed by James Larese of collective group Syndrome.

Red Skull Confronts Captain America in New TV Spot

June 08, 2011 06:06:44 GMT

Red Skull has his first encounter with his enemy Captain America in a new TV spot for "". In the preview, 's evil character is asking ' titular character, "What made you so special?"

Chris Evans Confesses He's Going Bald

June 08, 2011 05:52:56 GMT

has made a shocking confession when attending this year's MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, June 5. The actor, who buffed up his body for "", confessed in an interview with E! News that he is going bald. "I have no problem saying this, but I'm losing my hair," he said.

Eminem's Bad Meets Evil Album 'Hell: The Sequel' Gets Promo Ad

June 08, 2011 04:57:47 GMT

"", 's reunion project with his partner Royce da 5'9", is inching closer to its U.S. release date on June 14. Ahead of the album arrival, a video ad is unleashed to promote the rap effort.

Eminem Tells Lady GaGa to Quit Her Job in New Bad Meets Evil Song 'A Kiss'

June 06, 2011 04:00:25 GMT

goes back to his "" time by dropping a celebrity bash in "A Kiss", a song he recorded with his partner Royce da 5'9". The Slim Shady, who has history of dissing public figures like and , targets outlandish singer .

New Trailer From 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Reveals Caesar's Evolution

June 03, 2011 02:55:00 GMT

Evolution becomes revolution in a fresh trailer from "". This newly-released video, obtained via Yahoo! Movies, offers a look at little Caesar who grows up through experiments and eventually becomes the leader of other primates. The snippet also provides a scene where Caesar writes a name on a blackboard.

Eminem's Bad Meets Evil Song 'Lighters' Ft. Bruno Mars

June 03, 2011 02:48:13 GMT

After rapping about "syrup, painkillers, cigarettes, weed, Hennessey, vodka," with in "I'm on Everything", and Royce da 5'9" bring in for a fighter union. The rappers' verses fill in the warm, fuzzy song, while Bruno's buoyant vocals is featured on the hook.

Eminem Previews Music Video for His Bad Meets Evil Single 'Fast Lane'

May 30, 2011 02:29:23 GMT

and his partner Royce da 5'9" have just previewed a music video for the first single of their reunion project "". The Hip-Hop/rap duo hops a car with the Slim Shady behind the wheel and Royce on the passenger seat.

Eminem's Bad Meets Evil Song 'I'm on Everything' Ft. Mike Epps

May 28, 2011 05:01:29 GMT

In anticipation of 's reunion project "", a brand new song taken from the soon-to-be-released mini album is unveiled. Called "I'm on Everything", the track features and Royce da 5'9" trading verses about "everything".

Eminem's Bad Meets Evil EP 'Hell: The Sequel' Gets Official Tracklisting

May 26, 2011 06:22:52 GMT

Tracklisting of 's "", the mini album he worked with his partner Royce da 5'9", has been revealed. The EP features 9 songs with lending his vocals on "I'm On Everything", on "Lighters", and on "Loud Noises".

Eminem Reveals Official Cover Art of 'Hell: The Sequel'

May 17, 2011 02:53:23 GMT

's upcoming mini album "", which becomes the duet project between him and Royce da 5'9", has been unwrapped. A picture featured on the front page of the CD depicts the Slim Shady and his former partner sitting on speakers with broken records scattered on the floor.

Eminem to Revive Bad Meets Evil in New Mini Album

April 26, 2011 02:47:02 GMT

is set to reunite with his former partner Royce da 5'9" for a new project. The Slim Shady and the rapper have officially announced a mini album which will be released in the United States on June 14 via Shady/Interscope Records.