My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.5 The Night Train to Moscow
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My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.5 The Night Train to Moscow

Episode Premiere
Nov 17, 2008
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Episode Premiere
Nov 17, 2008
2008 - 2008
Production Co
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David Semel
Rafe Judkins
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Michael Raynor
  • Pavel Lychnikoff
  • Arthur Darbinyan

Edward and Norah spend time at his apartment getting ready for the day ahead. Edward heads out to pick up Henry's daughter for soccer practice. On his way, Henry wakes up and sees Angie walking on the street. When he calls and asks her where she is, she lies, telling him she is at the dentist's office.

Henry picks up Ruthy at the house for practice. He finds her looking through old photos from his college days. Henry's ex-girlfriend Sarah was Angie's roommate. Sarah died in a car accident. Picking up what Ruthy was looking at, Henry finds a photo with a hidden code. Later that day, Angie teaches Jack to cook in the kitchen. Henry is uncertain of his family, of Angie's loyalty. He wonders what is real.

In therapy, Henry asks Norah if Angie is a spy. Looking for answers to the hidden code on the photo, Henry picks up a book on solving codes. Arlene sends Tom and Henry down to Janus for their next mission.

Mavis gives Raymond and Edward a job in Russia protecting a presidential candidate. When they arrive, they find the candidate's wife, Marian, being held at gunpoint and her bodyguards killed. Looking for information, she confides in Raymond and Edward that she is KGB, a KGB sleeper agent. She was assigned to her husband over 20 years ago, but fell in love with him despite her mission and agent status.

Tony supplies Henry with everything that the agency has on Marian. Back at home, Henry scans the coded photo, hoping to break the code. Ruthy comes in and asks Henry about Sarah and whether he loved her or not. When Henry explains to Ruthy that he did love her, but when Sarah died, he looked to Angie for support and fell in love with her. Monitoring Angie's phone, Henry overhears a conversation where she agrees to meet someone, a man.

After following Angie and seeing her meet a man, Henry heads to Edward's apartment for the night. He leaves a message for Edward, asking if he knew if Angie was a spy. When Edward wakes up, he finds the information on Marian and pays her a visit at Janus where she is being kept.

Marian lets Edward know she knows what he is looking for. Marian asks him to help her get her husband back and he'll get the information he needs. On a train in Russia, Marian asks Edward how he felt when he first heard that the KGB was responsible for his parent's death.

Marian meets with her contact Vladimir and hands Edward over as promised. Marian walks away, but turns around and shoots Vladimir in the head, keeping her promise to Edward. A gunfight ensues on the train just as Henry wakes up and must defend himself and Marian.

Henry calls Raymond looking for information. Raymond assures him that Edward didn't leave his life solely in his hands, and that Raymond is only a few cars back on the train. Henry asks Marian how she lives with herself knowing that she was deliberately placed with her husband. Angie calls repeatedly; Marian encourages "Edward" to talk to her.

Angie calls to tell Henry about her meeting with an old college boyfriend, Michael, who recently contacted her. She's really upset about the whole thing and told Henry that she wanted to tell him in person that she had met up with this Michael, but told him nothing happened.

After speaking with Angie, Henry returns to his cabin where he notices that Marian has solved the code on the back of the photo. After reading what it says, Henry goes off to find Raymond. He's now certain that Angie is a spy, thinking she wrote the code on the photo.

While Henry leaves a new video message, Edward wakes. Marian and Edward must now attend a black tie function hoping to get access to the KGB tunnels that will lead to her husband.

Marian and Edward make their way through the tunnels to find Marian's husband. Raymond meets them in the tunnels just in time to run from the KGB. Marian decides to stay behind and defend them, and is shot dead in front of her husband.

Back at AJ Sun, Edward walks in to see Norah. There, he explains that having someone to come home to complicates his life, which is why Henry has those things, not him. Just as he and Norah begin to kiss, Henry wakes, creating an awkward moment that Norah must somehow find a way to explain.

Norah lets Henry know that she had been thinking quite a bit about their last conversation. She gives Henry an access card to one of Janus' mainframe computers where files on everyone in Henry's life are kept. She tells him that his love for Angie is real; she was not recruited by Janus and his falling in love with her was an unexpected development after Sarah, who did work for Janus, was killed.

Back at home, Angie lets Henry know that she should have told him about her conversations with Michael when they started two months before. Angie felt that at the time their relationship had staled, and that they weren't seeing each other the way they once did, but that he got them out of that rut. Little does she know, Edward got them out of that slump, not Henry.

Henry promises Angie that he does notice her and that he loves her very much! Henry leaves a new video message for Edward, which he watches from his apartment. In it, Henry lets Edward know that Marian left a note for him and that out of respect; he won't read it, leaving it for Edward to read.