My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.07 Down Rio Way
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My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.07 Down Rio Way

Episode Premiere
Dec 1, 2008
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Episode Premiere
Dec 1, 2008
2008 - 2008
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Michael W. Watkins
Daniel Knauf
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Raymond exits LAX while on the phone with Mavis alerting her that Edward was not on the plane. Mavis asks Raymond to return to the office. Edward, dressed as a pilot, watches Raymond's cab pull away.

Trumball discusses an operative named Firefly with a colleague. Mavis calls Trumball to tell him that they lost contact with Edward five hours ago. Trumball is still talking to Mavis while in his car when Edward pops up in the backseat and holds him at gunpoint, then pistol whips him.

Edward believes the man who killed his father is still alive, Trumball says that's a lie. In a flashback, Trumball shows a younger Edward a file with the information on his parent's murder. He tells Edward that it wasn't an accident, they were murdered and that his father was a CIA operative.

Back in the car, Trumball tells Edward that the man who murdered his parents was taken out by MI6. Edward has Trumball pull over and get out of the car; Edward then takes his car leaving him behind. Raymond picks up Mary's call as Tom while in the offices at Janus. Mary needs his help; she thinks she hit someone on the way back home from a club last night after a few drinks. Raymond, playing Tom, tells her not to speak to anyone until he gets home.

Mavis briefs Trumball on the Edward situation. They have found his car at LAX. Trumball asks for a team to review all the security tapes looking for Edward. Norah gives her opinion as to why Edward might think his parent's killer was still alive after asked by Trumball.

Mavis suggests to Trumball that they activate Spivey as a means to finding Edward. However, Trumball resists, not ready to lose an asset as great as Edward. In the hallway, Norah asks Mavis why she suggested activating Spivey. Mavis assures Norah that if she hadn't Trumball would have, and by offering the suggestion, she delayed finding Edward giving him more time to do what he needs.

Mavis suggests to Norah that she play her cards a little closer to the vest and also adds that when Edward contacts her she try to bring him in. Edward, now in Spain, is watching a boat in the harbor. While in the middle of his stake out, Edward takes a call from Angie after she rang 3 separate times in a row. With only 4 minutes left on a car auction, Angie is asking for Henry's permission for Jack to buy a car, a 1969 Camaro.

After shooting the bodyguards, Edward manages to get on the boat and confront his parent's killer face to face. The old man, sitting in a car with an oxygen tank is not shocked to see a man waiting to kill him. After Edward explains the scenario of how and where his parents were killed, the man laughs. Edward insists he explain why. The man denies killing them, but does admit to killing Yuri's father, Edward's source. Edward realizes that Yuri had sent Edward to kill the man who killed Yuri's father, not his parents.

Raymond debriefs Mavis on the Mary situation. Mavis tells him he is going to have to handle the situation for Tom. Raymond takes the challenge and heads to Tom's house to speak with Mary.

Edward calls Norah for information about Yuri and his family. Norah confirms everything that the man told him about Yuri's father. Edward, furious, leaves the man alive and gets the information on Yuri's current whereabouts from Norah.

Edward pays Yuri a visit in Bulgaria. Edward shoots his bodyguards immediately, leaving Yuri to discuss matters with. Without hesitation, Edward shoots Yuri after hearing what he has to say. In another flashback, Edward is back at his parent's funeral with Trumball by his side.

Mavis meets with Henry to debrief him quickly on what has transpired between Edward and Trumball. Henry must now meet with Trumball as Edward and apologize for his behavior. Raymond is working on the car when Mary comes out to the garage to tell him she has lost her wedding ring. He takes her back upstairs, gives her a few more pills and then heads back to Janus to get some help from Tony.

Tony is able to pull up the surveillance footage from Mary's accident. However, it turns out that she was robbed and in trying to get away, hit one of the men holding her up. Tony is certain she has Post Traumatic Strees Disorder, explaining why she can't remember things. Henry is meeting with Trumball as Edward. In the meeting, Trumball comes clean that he lied about the man who killed Edward's parents. Garza is still alive, but had fallen off the grid soon after the killings.

As a make good on his lie, Trumball tips Edward off to Garza's whereabouts. In addition, he gives Edward a 48 hour administrative leave, hands him plane tickets, a passport and money to finish the job he has wanted to do for some time.

Jack shows Henry the car he bought on the online auction. Henry, shocked, plays it off realizing Edward must have given the OK. Back at Janus, Tony gives Raymond information he was able to pull up on the guys that held Mary up at the intersection. The guys that Mary hit with her car, died a little while later in a bar from the injuries he sustained. The second guy is staying with his girlfriend in the Reseda.

Henry leaves Edward a video message with information about where to find the plane tickets and passport for the trip to Rio to finish off Garza. Henry and Jack are working on his car when they get into a fight about money and what Jack needs to fix it up.

Raymond pays Carlito, the thief, a visit to get Mary's ring back. After an altercation, Raymond walks away with the ring.

Henry calls Norah to find out if they can flip the switch to wake Edward up. Norah tells Henry that it's a random switch and they aren't able to do it. She encourages him to go to Rio even as Henry, hoping that Edward will wake up when they land. On his way to bed, Henry finds Jack working on his car in the garage. He leaves him there uninterrupted to continue working.

Raymond goes back to Tom's to see Mary. There he tells her he found out information about her accident, lying to her that she hit a dog who survived and is just fine. He also told her he found her wedding ring on the sink behind the lotion bottle. Mary then asks him to stay the night and come back home for good.

Henry is in the hotel room in Rio waiting for Edward to wake up when a package arrives; a handgun. The next day, Henry calls Norah asking what to do since Edward hasn't woken up. Norah tells Henry that he has to follow through with this for everyone's sake. Norah walks Henry through how to use the gun Trumball sent him.

Henry is visualizing shooting Garza in the head. However, when he gets to him, he can't do it and continues to walk past him. At home, a huge tool box and set are delivered to Jack with a note that says "This one's on me Love, Dad."

Edward watches a video message from Henry detailing how he let Garza walk away. Just as he finishes the message, Edward is pulled back from his chair being chocked; it's Garza who tells him he should have taken the shot. After a short struggle, Edward grabs broken glass and shoves into Garza's neck, killing him.