My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.09 Henry and the Terrible...Day
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My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.09 Henry and the Terrible...Day

Episode Premiere
Dec 15, 2008
Production Company
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Episode Premiere
Dec 15, 2008
2008 - 2008
Production Co
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David Straiton
Tyler Mitchell
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Floriana Lima
  • Tricia Munford
  • Trenton Rogers

Edward is in Hungary on a mission tracking their former defense minister who is selling Russian Weapons on the black market. Back at Janus, Tony IDs the buyer as a man named Daniel Shaw and ex-agent for the Department of Defense. While in the middle of recon, Henry wakes up.

Mavis is trying to recap the mission for Henry without alerting Trumball to something suspicious. Shaw spots Henry following him, pulls out his gun and shoots him.

Henry is in an ice bath. Shaw wants to know who he is working for. With Henry unresponsive, Shaw pours boiling hot water onto him hoping to get a response. Henry won't give it up. Shaw decides he's not worth the effort and drops the hotplate into the ice bath to electrocute him. However, instead of dying, Edward wakes up.

Edward calls in to Mavis to provide an update. In doing so, Edward tells Mavis he thinks he knows how the switch between he and Henry can be fixed. Upon return to Janus, Edward fills Mavis and Tony in. He was switched while being electrocuted, same when Mavis used the defibrillator on Henry. He thinks that is the key.

Raymond is in Boston on business. He is with clients at a strip club. There he is recognized as Raymond by another patron, who asks the bartender to see his ID once Raymond walks away.

Tony, Mavis and Norah test Edward's theory and attempt to electrocute him to force the switch to Henry.

Edward has hired an assassin, target: Henry. In a video message, Edward lets Henry know the assassin is on the way and Henry can't rely on Edward during missions, he has to learn to keep himself alive. Henry must step up and protect himself; this is not a test.

Henry decides to call Edward's bluff, but just as he does, the assassin shows up. Trumball is on the line with the D.O.D. to discuss Shaw and alert them that he has purchased a warhead from the Russians. Shaw is in a hotel room assembling a bomb from the warhead.

Henry is running for his life. In a game of cat and mouse, Henry pulls the lights in the facility, making it difficult for the assassin to find him.

Tony approaches Mavis saying he thinks he figured out the switch, based on the last test. Although it's a risk to try again, Mavis gives him the go ahead to set it up. The man from the Boston bar approaches Mary and Angie, who are unloading the car. When he accuses Tom of being Raymond, Tom shows up. Not knowing why this man continues to call him Raymond, Angie threatens to call the cops.

Henry manages to escape the ship and get away from the assassin. Back at home, an upset Henry sits on the bed talking to Angie about his day. Making the day better, Henry connects with Angie. After, Angie fills Henry in on the guy harassing them that morning calling Tom, Raymond.

Henry meets with Raymond at Janus to tell him about the guy who paid a visit to Tom's home. Raymond tells him he knows them and that it's his private business and he'll deal with it. Tony catches Henry, fills him in on Edward's experiment about the switch. Henry is excited and wants Tony to try it again.

They try the experiment again, but it doesn't work. Henry wakes up. Tony is concerned with what he saw his brain do. Henry meets with Norah after the experiment. While meeting with Norah, Edward wakes up.

Mavis asks Edward and Raymond to go to the American School in Dubai to stop Shaw. Once out of Mavis' office, Raymond asks Edward to fly solo on this mission as he needs time to take care of his private matter, fearing the man will put a bullet in Tom's head and that of his family. Raymond confesses to Edward that he joined Janus to escape his past, his past as a criminal.

Edward enters a classroom full of students and gets them evacuated. Edward finds one student in the theatre. The student told Edward that he was told to stay there. Shaw reappears. He holds Edward by gunpoint. Just as he holds Shaw down, Henry wakes up.

Bomb squad arrives, Henry is able to get Shaw to disclose the location of the bomb. Henry manages to pull through without Edward. Back at Janus, Tony shows Mavis that he has figured out the switch after reviewing the brain images over and over again.

Mary follows Tom, where she watches as "Raymond" meets with the guys from earlier. He hands them an empty briefcase and then kills the handler. Raymond then shoots and kills the main contact, all while Mary watches, without his knowledge.