My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.06 High Crimes and Turducken
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My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.06 High Crimes and Turducken

Episode Premiere
Nov 24, 2008
Production Company
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Episode Premiere
Nov 24, 2008
2008 - 2008
Production Co
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Adam Kane
Mark Rosner
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Stephen McDonald Howard
  • Missy Yager

Henry wakes up in a strange land. He is located in Morocco on what he finds out in a video message from Edward is an 'off company' mission. Henry meets Edward's contact as he was instructed via video message, but just before Henry can pass on the item found in his pocket, the contact is shot dead. Henry finds Raymond on the rooftop now aiming for him. Henry, wearing traditional Moroccan attire, has his face covered and is not identifiable from a distance. He ducks into the crowd to escape Raymond.

24 hours earlier, Edward reads an encrypted letter in his home office. He tells Angie, who is awaiting her father's arrival for the Thanksgiving holiday that he has to go out for a bit.

Edward meets his contact on a park bench. In exchange for the name of Edward's parent's killers, he is asking for Edward to provide him with useful information. Edward refuses to betray his county. Before his contact leaves, he tells Edward to read the magazine he has left on the park bench.

Edward remains in the park, opens the magazine to find a file on his parent's death including newspaper clippings of their car crash. Back at the Spivey's, Mary brings over the Thanksgiving turkey hoping Angie can help with it this year since she and Tom are going through a rough period. Angie is encouraging Mary to try and reconcile with Tom.

Angie's father Archie arrives with news that he is Jewish. Angie, surprised by the news, is relieved that he's not ill but simply more at peace for discovering his birth mother was Jewish. Back in the park, Edward continues to read through the file left by his contact Yuri.

Edward is flashing back to the day his parents died. After a high school football game, his father offered to let him drive the Camaro if he could take him to the airport. But, Edward passes to go with his team on the bus to an after-game party. On the road, the team bus passes a car accident. Edward realizes it's his father's Camaro that has been wrapped around a tree with a body covered up on the ground. Back in the park, in reality, Edward reads that his parents brake line was cut, making sure they didn't have a chance of surviving an accident.

Edward was told that the man who killed his parents was KGB and had since died. He was also told that his father was a covert CIA operative. In the file, Edward is told to meet a man who will tell him what JANUS doesn't want him to know if he passes on needed information to the KGB.

Back at Janus, Mavis has tasked Raymond and Edward to conduct a Red Cell Mission to test base security at a Palace in Rabat where the "Falcon" is kept. They must attempt to steal it, proving security needs to be tightened. After Edward has the details of the Falcon mission, he reconsiders his Yuri request for an information exchange.

In another meeting on the park bench, Edward offers the Falcon in return for information on his parents' killer. He promises it in two days!

Edward and Raymond arrive in Rabat at the Palace base to conduct their Red Cell Mission, posing as TV delivery men. Once inside the base, Raymond and Edward get to work on stealing the Falcon. However, Raymond doesn't know that Edward actually plans on stealing it for real.

Edward preps all of the surveillance cameras to guide Raymond through the base. Once Raymond leaves, Edward creates a distraction for Raymond while he goes after the Falcon himself. Edward holds Raymond off as long as possible, but Raymond makes his move.

Just before Raymond catches up, Edward grabs the Falcon and gets out of site. The base security catches them and they report out to Mavis with the base General regarding their mission status. However, according to Mavis, the security had already been breached. The Falcon was taken.

Edward reports back that he is looking into details on where the Falcon may have gone, sending Raymond and Mavis far off his scent. While still in Rabat, Edward receives details from Yuri about where and when to meet Kosygin, the KGB contact who will take the Falcon as an exchange in Morocco.

Back in Morocco, where the episode began, Edward leaves Henry a message, realizing he is about to wake up. Back in Rabat, Tony tips Raymond off with information on a possible location for the Falcon switch.

In Morocco, Henry listens to the video message and looks at his watch, realizing that the exchange is scheduled for moments away. Raymond is on a nearby rooftop where he manages to shoot and kill Henry's contact. Henry, realizing Raymond is there, takes off. Raymond manages to follow and gets him at gunpoint. To Henry's luck, a group of young children run in between them, distracting Raymond and giving Henry the chance he needs to escape. Raymond looses him.

Henry and Raymond are meeting with Mavis and Tony back at Janus debriefing on the Red Cell Mission and the recovering of the Falcon. Henry, concerned that he was compromised in Morocco, despite his face being masked by the traditional clothing, is questioning whether Janus has a way to figure out the traitor (him) from the surveillance images taken.

Tony is hopeful that with new image software, he will be able to take the photo only showing the "traitors" eyes and make a full image. Mavis fills Henry in on the KGB point man Raymond killed. Then she tells him that the Falcon holds information on the United States' missile defense system. Henry realizes the importance of the Falcon and now questions Edward loyalty to his country. From Henry's perspective, he sees Edward about to hand over information to the KGB that compromises the U.S.

Henry takes his concern about Edward's possible betrayal to Dr. Skinner hoping she can shed some light on the subject. All Henry knows is that Edward asked him to turn over the Falcon to the KGB. He is looking to Norah for help. Henry has 2 choices: Turn the Falcon in and protect National Security or keep it to protect his family.

Back at home, Henry hides the Falcon in his office while Tom, Mary and Angie work on Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen. Tom tries to cozy up and apologize to Mary while helping her with the Turducken. While Henry is on the phone with Tony, Edward wakes up, realizing that he will be able to identify the traitor in Morocco soon.

Edward goes to see Norah at the AJ Sun offices. There he explains and shows her the file about his parents' death. After business, Edward and Norah get busy with pleasure. Just as they are making love, Henry wakes up. Henry feels as though he has cheated on Angie and is now betraying his country because of what he assumes Edward is doing with the Falcon. Norah assures Henry that Edward is not betraying his country but looking for the person who killed his parents. Handing him the file, she says she hopes he'll read it.

After a conversation with Archie, Henry looks for the Falcon where he hid it in the office. But, it's gone. In a video message, Henry lets Edward know that despite wanting to find the information linked to their parents' killer, he won't support treason. However, Henry is unaware that Edward had surveillance cameras installed in the home. Edward listens to Henry's message and watches the footage until he finds where Henry hid it.

Edward takes the Falcon to Yuri who in exchange hands him information on his parent's killer. There, back on the park bench, Henry wakes up.

Henry went looking for the Falcon, but found a note from Edward instead. Thinking that Edward betrayed his country, Henry goes to Janus to tell Mavis what he knows. When he gets there, Mavis informs him that the Falcon was returned.

In a video message, Edward explains that he is not a traitor. He needed the Falcon to create a believable fake copy to give the KGB in order to obtain the information he needed about his parent's killer. Once home, Henry celebrates Thanksgiving with his family.