Kevin Costner Claims Prince William Told Him Princess Diana's Admiration for Him
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The 'Yellowstone' star shares a heartwarming conversation he had with Prince William about his mother, Princess Diana, and recalls their collaboration on a potential 'Bodyguard' sequel.

AceShowbiz - In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Kevin Costner revealed a private meeting he had with Prince William, where William expressed that his mother held a special fondness for the actor.

"He walked up, and we sat down, and shook hands," Costner recalled. "The first line out of his mouth was, he says, 'You know, my mom kinda fancied you.' "

William's revelation sparked a conversation that left Costner with enduring memories. "We talked about a half hour, I'll never say what we talked about," he said. "But it was a very sweet thing."

Years prior, Costner had considered Princess Diana for a sequel to his 1992 hit film 'The Bodyguard.' "I just remember her being incredibly sweet on the phone when she asked the questions," he said of their initial discussions.

"She goes, 'Are we going to have like a kissing scene?'" Costner recalled. "But she said it in a very respectful - she was a little nervous because I think her life was very governed."

The project was ultimately shelved, but Costner remains grateful for his chance to have known Diana and her son. "I've had such fond memories about who he was, how I was approached, and what we talked about," he said.

Costner's interaction with Prince William highlights the enduring legacy of Princess Diana and her ability to leave a lasting impression on those who knew her.

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