Tallulah Willis Shares Shocking Before-and-After Photos Amid Battle With Skin Picking Disorder

The daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore makes use of her social media page to candidly share her 'healing' journey amid her battle with dermatillomania.

AceShowbiz - Tallulah Willis has made use of her social media page to raise awareness on skin picking disorder. The daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore opened up about her battle with the disorder, which is also called dermatillomania or excoriation disorder.

On Wednesday, June 12, the 30-year-old actress offered social media users shocking before-and-after photos capturing the condition of her skin. One of the pictures saw her with redness on her skin around mouth and on an area below her eye. In the meantime, another snap showed her with clear skin, which looked glowing from the sunlight.

In the same Instagram post, Tallulah also uploaded a photo highlighting the condition of her skin on her forehead. Not stopping there, she let out a different picture, in which she had redness around her nose.

Along with the snaps, "The Whole Ten Yards" actress talked about her "healing" journey in the caption of the post. While tagging the Instagram account of Picking Me Foundation NFP, she wrote, "PICKING HAPPENS!! And then healing **can ** happen."

Tallulah stated, "Healing doesn't have to mean clear skin, and it doesn't mean intrusive thoughts stop intruding, and it doesn't mean you're not gonna do it again. it's small wins." She continued, "There's such a community in this struggle and I want so badly to share how I achieved my wins and help rescue all the sweet picked faces of the world!" adding a slew of sun emojis.

After sharing the photos, Tallulah quickly received supportive messages from Instagram users. Among them was comedian Chelsea Handler, who gushed over Tallulah's beauty in the comments section of the post, "Beautiful inside and out YOU ARE. picking or no picking."

Meanwhile, other users thanked Tallulah for the relatable post. One in particular wrote, "I so appreciate how openly you discuss this- I've struggled with picking since I had acne as a teen and perimenopause has brought it back. you are beautiful in all your iterations, clear skin or not." Another chimed in, "I've struggled with picking for a few years now, thank you for sharing."

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