Katie Holmes Dares to Bare in Promo Photos for A.P.C. Collaboration

The 'Batman Begins' actress shows some skin as she models a bag and jeans, and wraps herself with a quilt modeled after one made by her mother Kathleen Stothers-Holmes.

AceShowbiz - Katie Holmes's latest fashion venture with A.P.C. is not just about style and elegance, it's a heartfelt tribute to family and personal history. The actress and fashion icon unveiled a stunning collection that combines classic fashion with a touch of her mother's artistry, captivating young fashion enthusiasts around the globe.

Katie Holmes has unveiled her latest fashion collaboration with A.P.C., and she's not afraid to show some skin. In the campaign imagery shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Holmes appears topless with a quilted black leather handbag draped over her shoulder and baggy dark-wash jeans covering her lower half. The quilt, which retails for $795 and is already sold out, is a special creation designed by her mother, Kathleen Stothers-Holmes.

"My mom has made me many quilts, all of my siblings and [her] grandkids. And there's a difference when you're sleeping under your mother's work," Holmes told The Washington Post.

Another photo captures Holmes wrapped in the same quilt, showcasing its vibrant colors and intricate design. The actress has been a fan of A.P.C. since the 1990s and worked closely with the brand to create a collection that reflects her personal style.

"A.P.C. is a beautiful French brand and one that I have loved since I discovered it," Holmes said. "The simplicity of design is born out of sophisticated consistency to details and form. A.P.C. is not only elegant in life, but I have also used it many times for costumes in film as its classic design is timeless."

The capsule collection includes various pieces such as miniskirts, blouses, corduroy jackets and wedge heels. Holmes envisioned it as a complete wardrobe.

"I did approach this collection with the idea of it being a complete wardrobe," she said. "One can mix and match the pieces to create many different looks that suit one’s individual style. There are day looks and night looks. Professional and playful. Suits, skirts, jeans, flats, heels, jackets."

While the collection incorporates many of Holmes' favorite styles, it excludes silhouettes she has grown weary of, including skinny jeans and low-rise pants. "I like dark denim and prefer a high waist, which the jeans that we created together have," she said. "Ours have an elongated leg and a flare, which make the proportions look great."

As for low-rise denim, Holmes believes it's time for it to stay in the past. "I don't know that the very low, low, low-rise jeans need to be revisited," she said. "You know, where the it's like the button's down here."

Holmes' A.P.C. collection is available now at apc.com.

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