'American Idol' Alum Colin Stough Proposes This Singer as Katy Perry's Replacement

Meanwhile, fellow 'American Idol' alum Kelly Clarkson rules out the possibility due to family commitments while responding to rumors that she's potentially joining the panel.

AceShowbiz - "American Idol" season 21 runner-up Colin Stough has his eyes set on Adele as a potential replacement for Katy Perry on the judging panel. Stough believes Adele's "true music fame" and strong work ethic make her an ideal candidate.

"She seems amazing," Stough said. "She stands up for what she thinks, and I love that about her."

Meanwhile, rumors have circulated about Kelly Clarkson potentially joining the panel. However, Clarkson has dismissed the idea, citing her desire to prioritize her children.

"I can't do that because I promised my kids I'd be there as much as possible," Clarkson explained. "And it would put me in L.A., which is why I had to quit 'The Voice'."

This development leaves the search for Perry's replacement ongoing. ABC has yet to announce who will fill the vacant seat alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie in season 23 of "American Idol".

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