Ben Affleck Called 'Self-Centered' by Nikki Glaser for His Ill-Prepared Roast of Tom Brady
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Ben Affleck is branded narcissistic by Nikki Glaser for taking the focus away from his pal when delivering punchlines during the Netflix roast of Tom Brady.

AceShowbiz - It's been a turbulent month for Ben Affleck as rumors of his alleged divorce from Jennifer Lopez are compounded by his widely criticized performance at Netflix's May 5 roast of NFL legend Tom Brady. Known for his prowess in film, Affleck, 51, took a leap into the comedic arena but quickly found himself out of his depth.

During his set, Affleck embarked on a peculiar tirade about social media and online haters, which diverged sharply from the evening's focus on Brady. "You guys out there talking s**t behind your f**king keyboard, that doesn't make you a fan, that makes you a b***h," he stated, to the bewilderment of onlookers. At over six minutes in, he even acknowledged, "I don't think I'll ever get this chance again. I'm probably never going to work again, actually, after tonight."

Nikki Glaser, who was hailed as the MVP of the roast, didn't hold back in her critique of Affleck's unpreparedness during her appearance on "KFC Radio." She speculated that Affleck pitched an angle about "being mad at tweets" to the writers, a choice she labeled as "self-centered."

Glaser lamented Affleck's failure to align his material with the spirit of the event and suggested he viewed the gig as inconsequential. "He's someone who's famous enough that he probably thinks that this is beneath him to do this," she said, adding, "He seemed to be phoning it in."

Fellow comedian Dane Cook, who attended but did not participate in the roast, echoed these sentiments. In a viral TikTok video, Cook remarked that Affleck's montage was "clear it just wasn't the right choice" roughly 40 seconds into his speech. Social media only amplified the backlash, with one user comparing his rant to a "car crash."

Affleck's appearance, further marred by wild speculations about possible plastic surgery, seemed to miss the mark entirely. Conversely, Glaser's irreverent jabs at Brady's personal and financial troubles drew hearty laughter and highlighted her meticulous preparation.

"The Roast of Tom Brady" is available for streaming on Netflix, showcasing each comedian's best - and in Affleck's case, less than stellar - moments. For fans and critics alike, it's an episode not to be missed, if only to witness the stark contrasts in comedic delivery and preparation.

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