Tom Hanks Turns to Son Chet for Explanation of Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud, Hilarity Ensues

Feeling out of the loop on modern hip-hop's biggest beef to date, Tom Hanks reaches out to his 33-year-old son Chet Hanks for an explanation of the whole debacle, making for a hilarious conversation.

AceShowbiz - When it comes to deciphering the ongoing feud between hip-hop titans Kendrick Lamar and Drake, even a celebrated Hollywood icon like Tom Hanks finds it perplexing. Thankfully, Tom had a source close to home to get the lowdown: his son, Chet Hanks.

Known for his eclectic and often polarizing personality, Chet has been making headlines, not just for his music but also for his unique antics.

Tom Hanks texted Chet, humorously saved in his contacts as "Pops," asking, "Big Main, can you explain the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud to me?" Chet responded, "Drake and this other dude J. Cole been saying they along with Kendrick are the 'Big 3' in the rap. Then Kendrick put out a song saying, "F**k the Big 3, it's just big ME."

Chet then proceed to offer his dad a thorough breakdown, noting significant diss tracks like Drake's "Push Ups," "Taylor Made Freestyle," "Family Matters," and "The Heart Pt. 6," as well as Kendrick's retaliations including "Euphoria," "6:16 in L.A." and "Meet the Grahams."

Of Kendrick's Billboard Hot 100-topping final diss "Not Like Us," Chet told his father that it was "pretty much the sonic equivalent of when you took me to your high school in Oakland and we walked in on the basketball game and everybody started going nuts."

"Like if you heard it you would just automatically know how to Crip walk with a stank face while clutching an Oscar in each hand with Marshawn Lynch," Chet humorously described.

Tom's incredulous response, "Holy cow! These are fighting words. People taking sides?? Who's winning??" was met with Chet's exasperated reply, "Did you not just read what I said," accompanied by three cry-laughing emojis.

Tom Hanks' hilarious text exchange with son Chet about Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud

Tom Hanks' hilarious text exchange with son Chet about Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud

Chet Hanks, who first introduced himself to the world as "Chet Haze" while at Northwestern University, has forged a path filled with controversy and charm. From adopting a Jamaican patois to become the "White Boy Summer" of 2021, to being called out by Eric Andre on Adult Swim, Chet has definitely distinguished himself as the black sheep of the Hanks family.

While Tom Hanks has generally been private about his relationship with his son, this amusing exchange offered a rare glimpse into their dynamic, showing Tom's earnest curiosity and Chet's articulate, if unconventional, explanations. The text exchange, shared on Instagram, showcased not just Tom's wholesome persona but also a side of Chet away from his controversies.

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