'American Idol' Recap: Top 5 of Season 22 Revealed on 'Adele Night'

On 'Adele Night', the remaining 7 singers hit the stage to sing dance songs from various artists and iconic hits from the British star to fight for a spot in Top 5.

AceShowbiz - Top 7 of "American Idol" season 22 hit the stage once again in the Sunday, May 5 episode. On "Adele Night", the remaining singers performed dance songs from various artists and iconic hits from Adele to fight for a spot in Top 5.

Kicking things off with Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" was Jack Blocker. Judge Luke Bryan was impressed, saying, "That is not the kid we knew a couple weeks ago." Lionel Richie, meanwhile, called "the only person who makes Chuck Berry and Little Richard become the same person."

The next performance was from Julia Gagnon, who hit the stage to sing "Roam" by The B-52's. Lionel commented, "That's one way to show off an extra pair of lungs." Katy Perry loved the song choice and vocals, though she suggested Julia to attempt a few more dance moves. As for Luke, he dubbed the performance "refreshing."

Later, Abi Carter performed Fall Out Boy's "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark". Katy loved to see Abi showing his pop/rock side as she asked, "Why were you saving that? You can do that?! I'm scared for my job." Luke called the performance "amazing." As for Lionel, he said that Abi never broke character and showed confidence.

McKenna Faith Breinholt, on the other hand, sang Katy's own "E.T." Luke didn't think McKenna did the right song choice, though he praised McKenna for digging in and trying new things. Lionel loved how McKenna made the song her own.

Will Moseley chose to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps". Lionel loved that Will made it "nasty," adding that Will's voice on anything is "so good." Katy called Will a "rockstar."

Emmy Russell followed it up with a performance of Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance". She sat at the piano during her performance, prompting Katy to ask why she didn't get up and walk around.

Closing out the first hour was Triston Harper, who sang Travis Tritt's "T-R-O-U-B-L-E". Luke told him to "keep smilin' and dancin' and it's all gonna be okay." As for Katy, she said that the performance was "on another level."

For the second hour, McKenna returned to the stage to sing Adele's "Make You Feel My Love". Lionel said McKenna managed to make an Adele song "smokey," while Katy praised McKenna for her evolution. Luke, meanwhile, said, "That's your kind of song and it was done perfectly."

Jack chose to sing "One and Only" without an instrument, just him and the mic stand. Each of the judges gave him a respectful handshake after he finished his performance. Katy thought Jack was "feeling himself" and that's what rockstars do. Luke said Jack has his own kind of charisma, while Lionel encouraged Jack to "keep doing it."

As for Will, he opted to sing "Rolling in the Deep". Luke called it a "great delivery," while Lionel dubbed it a "fantastic" performance. Katy loved how Will stayed himself even though he was singing an Adele song, adding, "and that's all we ask."

Belting out "Set Fire to the Rain" was Julia. Lionel said Julia has so many sides to her he didn't know, while Katy said she loved Julia's A+ delivery. Emmy, on the other hand, opted for "Water Under the Bridge". "You've never sounded better than tonight," Katy said. Lionel told Emmy that she conquered her demons and got confident.

Triston returned to the stage to sing "Easy on Me" which Luke said was done well. Katy loved how Triston sold the story like he wrote the song himself. Rounding out the night was Abi, who impressed the judges with her performance of "Hello". Lionel said it was the best he's ever heard of her. Katy dubbed it "angelic frequency," while Luke told Abi that he could make Lionel forget he has his own song named "Hello".

Later, host Ryan Seacrest revealed who made it to Top 5. Abi, Jack, Triston, Will and Emmy advanced to the next round, while Julia and McKenna were eliminated.

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