Lil Tay Rejects JoJo Siwa Comparison, Calls 'Dance Moms' Alum a 'Fraud' Amid 'Karma' Controversy

The 16-year-old online sensation refuses to be mentioned in the same sentence as the 'Karma' singer, insisting that she wrote her own music unlike the 'Dance Moms' alum.

AceShowbiz - Controversial rapper Lil Tay has sparked a beef with JoJo Siwa, accusing her of being a fraud for purchasing songs. The feud erupted after a user joked about Tay's resemblance to Siwa in a tweet.

Tay vehemently rejected the comparison, claiming she had just discovered Siwa's existence. She declared that unlike Siwa, she does not purchase music but writes it herself.

"Wish I didn't just find out who that is, I wrote SUCKER 4 GREEN myself. Didn't buy the song or hire a ghostwriter," Tay wrote on X. "Please don't mention me & her in the same sentence."

Despite attempts by fans to placate her, Tay remained defiant. She declared that she takes her music seriously and believes Siwa's approach is fraudulent.

"I'm just stating I didn't know who she was, but after some research, I found out she associates with pedophiles, buys her songs, and doesn't write her music and I take my music very seriously and don't want to be compared to frauds," she added.

Tay's comments come in response to Siwa's recent release of the song "Karma." An unreleased version of the song by Brit Smith from over a decade ago was discovered online. Siwa admitted that the song was pitched to her, a practice she defended as common in Hollywood.

Tay's criticism extends to anyone who buys music, claiming that she does all her work independently. Her song "SUCKER 4 GREEN" has accumulated over 7.8 million views on YouTube while Siwa's "Karma" has surpassed 20 million views in just over a week.

Despite the apparent discrepancy in viewership, Tay insists on drawing a line in the sand, potentially setting up a viral confrontation in the future.

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