Kendrick Lamar Faces Ghostwriting Allegations Amid Drake Feud
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After becoming the talk of the town with his diss verses targeting Drake, Kendrik Lamar stirs controversy yet again for allegedly using ghostwriting for his music.

AceShowbiz - As the feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake intensifies, another major headline has emerged for Lamar. Twitter user @certifiedjared and various social media outlets have alleged that Lamar used a ghostwriter for his track "N95" from his 2022 album "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers."

The purported ghostwriter is CJ Francis IV, and a demo allegedly from 2019 has surfaced, showcasing Francis using the flow and lyrics later incorporated into Lamar's song. However, Francis is not credited on "N95."

While this remains mostly speculation, the accusations have gained significant traction. The counterargument that "N95" was previously leaked in 2019 has been met with skepticism. Nonetheless, the authenticity of the ghostwriting claim has not been fully confirmed.

Adding another layer to the debate, Francis is associated with Quentin Miller, the ghostwriter who has been linked to Drake, who is locked in a feid with Lamar. This connection has raised questions about the potential influence of ghostwriting in the rap industry.

It is important to note that ghostwriting is a prevalent practice in the music industry, especially in rap. While it can be acceptable with proper credit, it remains a common topic of contention.

The current feud with Drake, who also faced his fair share of ghostwriting allegations, has drawn attention to this controversy, highlighting the complex dynamics and accusations surrounding ghostwriting. However, it is ultimately up to the artists and fans to determine the legitimacy of these allegations and the impact they have on their perceptions of the music.

In the meantime, it is worth exploring the music of CJ Francis IV and contemplating the broader implications of ghostwriting in the rap industry.

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