Wendy Williams Sued by Ex-Husband for Allegedly Failing to Pay Alimony in Divorce Settlement
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Amid her health struggles, Wendy Williams is being taken to court by former husband Kevin Hunter who demands back divorce payments and financial records.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Hunter, the former husband of Wendy Williams, is suing Wendy and her financial guardians, demanding two years of back divorce payments and access to her financial records.

According to Kevin, he and Wendy had agreed on a divorce settlement that included alimony payments to him. However, these payments stopped before Wendy was placed under guardianship in 2022. Kevin claims that he relies on these payments for living expenses and has been severely affected by their cessation.

Kevin has filed a motion with the court, stating that out-of-court mediation attempts have been unsuccessful. In the motion, he argues that his ex-wife's financial guardians have failed to provide him with access to Wendy's bank records despite promises to do so.

Kevin is also seeking to execute documents related to Wendy's AFTRA Retirement Plan and access to her financial records from the date of their marriage's dissolution to the present. He argues that he is entitled to this information as part of the Marital Settlement Agreement.

During mediation negotiations in 2022, a mediator had informed Kevin and his team that Wendy had "no money." However, Kevin's legal filings claim that no proof was provided to support this allegation.

Wendy's recent docuseries, "Where is Wendy Williams?" revealed that she has no money. However, Kevin is disputing this claim, citing Wendy's alleged use of her American Express card for personal expenses.

Kevin's lawsuit comes amid Wendy's ongoing health struggles. She was diagnosed with alcohol-related brain damage in 2019 and frontotemporal dementia and aphasia in 2023. Her son has stated that he used Wendy's credit cards to cover her care expenses and help her return to New York from Florida.

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