Diddy Accused of Paying Off Club to Let Shyne Take the Fall for 1999 Shooting

A woman, who claims she was one of the victims in the shooting years ago, says that the one who shot her in the face is the 'Satisfy You' hitmaker, not the Belizean rapper.

AceShowbiz - A new allegation has been raised against Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. After Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones sued the hip-hop mogul for sexual assault and harassment, a woman claimed that the rapper shot her in the face in the 1999 club shooting.

The woman spoke against the embattled rapper in a video that circulated online on Wednesday, February 28. In it, she recalled the incident that took place in December 1999 in a New York club, for which Shyne was convicted in 2001.

In the video, the woman said it was Diddy, not Shyne, who shot her in the face. "I watched him fire the gun. I've said it all this time," the woman said repeatedly. "Puffy [shot] me in the face. They all knew he did it."

As to why Diddy was never convicted while Shyne was put in jail, the woman claimed that the "I Need a Girl" rhymer "paid off the club" and let his mentee Shyne to take the fall. "Everyone knew he did it, but he paid off the club, bouncer and club owners" to hide the video, she said.

Stressing that "this man almost took my life," the woman vowed that she will not stop until Diddy pays the price for his alleged wrongdoings. "You ain't see nothing yet," she warned, before accusing the 54-year-old star of "harassing" her for the past 24 years because before Cassie, she's "the only person to be victimized by him and to successfully sue him and get paid."

"As God as my witness, I will not stop until you suffer every single iota of punishment," she declared. "Until I have every second of recompense that you took from me. For every tear that I had to cry or my children had to cry, I am going to get a million back from you. I will not stop until you pay the price for what you did to my life."

The woman originally posted the video on TikTok. Over the clip, she wrote, "Puffy S#ot me in the Face in 1999...!!! He's Guilty #RICO."

Diddy, his bodyguard and Shyne were all tried for the shooting, but the Bad Boy Records founder and his bodyguard were acquitted on all counts. Shyne, on the other hand, was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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