Diddy's Son Quincy's Fans Rejoice After He Removes Face Tattoo
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The 'Perfect in My Eyes' singer gets a laser treatment to remove the 'Perfect' tattoo under his eye due to negative feedback from his fans, just a week after he debuted the ink.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' stepson Quincy has quickly realized his mistake. The 32-year-old regretted his decision to get a face tattoo and has decided to remove it, just a week after he debuted the "Perfect" ink.

On Wednesday, February 21, the singer/actor took to his Instagram Story to show the removal process. In a video, he was seen visiting a clinic to get a laser treatment to get rid of the tattoo, which was located under his eye.

"Y'all made me do it," Quincy wrote in the clip. He also said in the video, "Whatever. We're at the laser place, okay," shortly after someone off camera said, "The people hated it so much." He also included a screenshot of a fan's comment which read, "Bruh go laser that s**t off & don't piss me off! Why would you touch your perfect face!"

After a laser technician explained they had to this "quickly" because they had another patient, Quincy was seen leaning back in the chair with goggles over his eyes as a form of protection. He appeared to winch in pain as the woman worked on his face.

In the caption, Quincy wrote, "I've read the comments. Thank Q for y'all's honesty. Thank Q @aestheticqueenco you the people's champ!"

Upon seeing the video, many of his followers rejoiced at his decision to remove the face tattoo. "God hears prayers," one wrote in the comments section. Another exclaimed, "Thank God!!!" A third echoed the sentiment, "Yes please no more face tattoos.. You're too handsome for that."

A pleased fan declared, "He's backkkkkkkk." A fifth person said, "Because it was dumb af and looked stupid. We love you again." Another weighed in, "Oooh thank god I didn't wanna say anything but it was truly awful and such a shame to mess up such a beautiful master peace that is you lovely face. I love you," while a supportive fan wrote, "I support yo PERFECT ssa either way."

Some others, however, doubted that the tattoo was permanent in the first place. "Idk if it was ever a real tattoo," one weighed in. Another enthused, "I'm pretty sure the removal 'procedure' was completed with an alcohol pad or some makeup remover."

Someone else claimed, "This was all for an advertisement lol." Another skeptical follower said, "Nope. I need the end of this video cause I don't believe it."

Quincy, who is the son of singer Al B. Sure and Kim Porter but was raised as Diddy's own son when the rapper began dating the model, debuted the face tattoo on Valentine's Day, February 14. The "Perfect" tattoo appears to have coincided with the release of his new song "Perfect in My Eyes".

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