Diddy's Son Quincy Slams a JetBlue Pilot for Dragging Him Off Plane

The 30-year-old actor shares the name and picture of the pilot who allegedly puts his hands on him and refuses to let him keep his bag with medication on the plane.

AceShowbiz - Quincy Brown just had an unpleasant experience with JetBlue. The son of P. Diddy claimed a pilot for JetBlue put his hands on him and dragged him off the plane after taking issue with the size of his bag, which contained his medication.

The actor/singer first expressed his anger via Twitter. "WHAT A FAKKIN FLIGHT SMH @JetBlue y'all pilot out of pocket for putting his hands on me!! #jetblue," he wrote on Monday, February 28. He then posted on his Instagram Story, "And I though I liked y'all. F**k @jetblue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Quincy then detailed the incident in a video posted on his feed. "I'm gonna keep this thing short…," he began saying while he was in a car. "The pilot put his hands on me." He explained that his assistant was carrying the bag to bring onboard.

"My bag fits in my pocket damn near," the "Brotherly Love" star insisted. "They claimed it didn't fit. My assistant had my bag. I was on the plane already. They wouldn't let him bring it on. He gets on the plane, I let him know I need my bag."

"That's not a bag to check. It has my [anxiety] medication, it has my personal, it has my jewelry, literally everything that has my personal belongings. Nothing is in my pocket," he continued fuming. The pilot demanded he get his "f**king diabetic medication out" of the bag and insisted that it could not remain on the plane, citing its size.

Quincy went on recalling their tense argument, "He looked at me and said, 'You're not taking this bag on the plane.' Yes, I am. 'No, you're not.' " The 30-year-old said the pilot then "grabbed me and dragged me."

"That's when I got my phone out, I didn't knock him out, and everything was just uncalled for," Quincy said. "I ain't never had no pilot put no hands on me. I don't know what you went through before that. I don't care, but the severity of me just trying to get my bag for personal belongings became a situation to where a pilot put his hands on me."

The son of Diddy with late model Kim Porter also shared a photo and a Linkedin profile of the pilot named Todd Papesh. He additionally included a clip taken in the aftermath of his interaction with the pilot. "Pilot go and drag me. You see me got a situation. Crazy," he said in the video, which showed a flight attendant apologizing to them. "Everybody was cool, but the pilot."

JetBlue has not released a statement on the issue.

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