'Barbie' Cast Treated to Bespoke Facials for Doll-Like Skin
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The actors are revealed to have received Vico Elevate treatments by facial aesthetician Jasmina Vico, but Margot Robbie also consumed sauerkraut and sipped organic milk thistle tea to help her skin.

AceShowbiz - The "Barbie" cast were given bespoke facials to keep their skin looking perfectly doll-like while they were filming. Stars including Margot Robbie were treated to Vico Elevate treatments by facial aesthetician Jasmina Vico which use massage and microcurrents to give a glistening and lifted complexion.

Vico told POPSUGAR, "It was designed with a focus on sculpting and toning the face. One key part of this technique is my signature lymphatic drainage technique to get rid of excess fluid, detox the lymph, and oxygenate the skin. It's particularly great for any clients that have been traveling."

She created bespoke treatments for the stars of "Barbie" but they all used her signature techniques including electro-muscle stimulation and radiofrequency skin tightening. Vico added of this important step, "The combination lifts the facial muscles and defines the cheek and jawline."

It's finished with an application of Vico Skin Screen Star Serum, which retails for £105. The facials last around 40 minutes and cost £225 per session, and Vico recommends six treatments to see the full effect.

While the facials will have helped, Margot was also very disciplined about her eating regime during filming to make sure she looked her best. The actress is said to have munched on sauerkraut and sipped organic milk thistle tea to help her skin.

Vico told Harper's Bazaar, "Margot was also eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir, all kinds of bitter foods, and berries. [It helps wit] promoting the healing and reducing the stress in the body. [Organic milk thistle tea] ... helps with flushing the liver which makes the skin better because it produces more glutathione which helps with luminosity and brightness. They [the Barbies] were all having that tea."

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