6ix9ine's Ex Jade Claims They Broke Up Because the MC and DJ Akademiks Have Been Sexually Involved

The Brooklyn rapper has yet to address Jade's allegations, but he recently got busy dealing with his girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral's violent outburst, which led to her arrest.

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine's ex has brought up wild allegations against him. In a new post, Jade claimed that she broke up with the Brooklyn emcee because he and DJ Akademiks had been sexually involved.

"69 & Akademiks been f**king for a very long time and that's the real reason I left him," Jade penned on Instagram Story. She added in a follow-up post, "Don't make me post this video with me playing with ya a**."

Fans have since reacted to Jade's claims, with some of them name-dropping Saucy Santana. "Well well well…what do we have here… Akademiks is a lil fruity booty… that's why he don't like Saucy Santana," one person opined. Another commented, "Makes sense. No wonder Santana made him cry. Undercover always gets emotional when they get called out."

People poked fun at Akademiks since he's known for his strong anti-gay stance and his homosexual rants against the likes of Santana. The blogger previously claimed that gays like the "Material Girl" rapper would be beheaded where he's from.

As for 6ix9ine, he has yet to address Jade's allegations. The "GOOBA" spitter himself recently dealt with his girlfriend Yailin La Mas Viral's violent outburst, which led to her arrest.

On Friday, December 15, however, 6ix9ine shared via his Instagram Stories that he helped Yailin get out of jail by paying her $9,000 bond. "Yai is home because I went to take her out," he wrote online before asking a member of her team where their attorneys were.

Yailin was arrested on Thursday after she and 6ix9ine got into a physical altercation at his home in Florida. The hip-hop artist even shared footage of his girlfriend hitting him multiple times. In a 20-minute live, the 28-year-old first explained that he wanted to keep his relationship issue with Yailin private. However, Dominican radio host Prince Matias didn't give him a choice as Prince told his followers to sign up to his Whatsapp channel to see photos of Yailin with bruises.

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