6ix9ine Unleahes Videos of Ex Yailin Assaulting Him, Insists He Hasn't Put Hands on Her

The 'GOOBA' rapper says he's forced to defend himself after Dominican radio host Prince Matias told his followers to sign up to his Whatsapp channel to see photos of Yailin with bruises.

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine is clearing up his name amid abuse allegations. Insisting that he hasn't put his hands on his ex Yailin La Mas Viral, the "GOOBA" rapper shared the receipt by posting videos of Yailin assaulting him.

In a 20-minute live, the 28-year-old first explained that he wanted to keep his relationship issue with Yailin private. However, Dominican radio host Prince Matias didn't give him a choice as Prince told his followers to sign up to his Whatsapp channel to see photos of Yailin with bruises.

"They're using Yailin as a prop for entertainment, for gossip... But she needs help, she doesn't need publicity or to be thrown into a scandal," 6ix9ine declared. "Yailin was loved, she was cared for. I'm on probation, I would never lay my hands on a woman. I'm not here to create gossip, I'm here to clear my name and ask that this matter be dealt with responsibly."

The New York emcee then posted videos of him and Yailin arguing in another language. Throughout the first one, she lashed out at him for saying he's a man of his word. "If I'm not a man of my word, why are you with me?" he asked Yailin.

In the caption, 6ix9ine fumed, "Go blame the RAT SOUNDIST OF @alofoke @pr1ncematias is Rat a Trash. What Yailin needed was love and protection." He added, "Instead of using [her] for your podcast, and your way of sound man, you had to analyze that Yailin is a person who is going through postpartum. [SHE'S] NOT [TO BE USED] FOR YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. My job for eight months was to always protect my partner. But with this dirty CAMPAIGN. You want it to be bad."

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