Adam Driver Insists Filming 'Ferrari' Outside Italy 'Wouldn't Have Worked'

The 'House of Gucci' actor was grateful that the Enzo Ferrari biopic was shot in 'the locations where the things actually happened,' explaining that it helped the cast get into their characters.

AceShowbiz - Adam Driver thought it was essential that "Ferrari" was filmed in Italy. The 40-year-old star plays Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's biopic about the founder of the iconic car company and appreciated the value of shooting in the homeland of the Prancing Horse.

"We couldn't have done it, I don't think, in Brussels. It just wouldn't have worked. We shot in the locations where the things actually happened. It's all kinda helpful," Adam said at the film's UK premiere on Monday, December 4 night.

Adam had the opportunity to meet with Enzo's son Piero Ferrari and got a unique insight into the man behind the legendary Italian marque. The "House of Gucci" star said, "We met Piero Ferrari, who was very open with his father's life - literally opening the doors to Enzo's apartment, his briefcase, everything about him. We went to the factory, it was extensive and long."

Adam explained how the director asked for subtle Italian dialects in the picture rather than a "stereotypical" accent. He said, "Michael wanted subtle dialects, the idea that they are speaking to each other in their own language so they're not making mistakes. It's not like a stereotypical Italian accent. In Italy, everybody has a different dialect based on their region so it was also about finding a Modenese attitude."

Adam had the opportunity to race Ferraris in Enzo's home city of Modena and the experience made him realise the peril that drivers faced during the 1950s. The "Star Wars" actor recalled, "We raced some Ferraris in Modena and we drove the chassis for one of the 801s I think that was in the movie."

"There's a difference between one where if you roll over you'll take your head off and the other one where at least you're protected by a cage. You became aware of how heroic these guys were to pursue an ideal over their personal safety."

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