Melinda Messenger Grew Up Hiding Her Spirituality From Her Family

The former 'Cowboy Builders' co-presenter opens up about her spiritual journey when she's younger and how she 'grew up in a family where spirituality wasn't accepted.'

AceShowbiz - Melinda Messenger was forced to hide her spirituality growing up. The 52-year-old former glamour model has become a psychotherapist and she has always been intrigued by the psyche but her parents were against it.

"I was always spiritual but I hid it, I guess. I grew up in a family where spirituality wasn't accepted, and I didn't really see it around me, so I kept it private," she told Top Sante magazine.

"But it was always in my nature as far back as I can remember; being really little and wanting to know the answers to why we're here, why we're human, what is God, what is there that's bigger than us. I just went on a journey of exploring different faiths, but, essentially, doing this is all about looking for a way back to yourself because all the answers are there anyway."

The TV star - who is engaged to Dr. Raj Joshi after meeting on "Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins" - has progressed into several areas of her industry and is set to run retreats on dreams, energy, and her latest healing practice, Reiki. She shared, "I like to have different threads running through my life. It keeps things balanced and interesting!"

"As well as running my own psychotherapy practice and doing my dream guiding, I'm part of a dreams group with the Dream Research Institute in London. Next year, I'll also be running retreats and workshops on dream work and energy work, as well as healing practices such as Reiki, because I've just done my Reiki master's initiation."

"And I've got a trek lined up in Nepal in May with my partner Raj and a group of about 15 people. I've got lots of different projects lined up and they're all slightly different but they nourish different aspects of my life, which I really love."

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