Keke Palmer Admits She's 'Pretty Good' After Struggling With Childhood Stardom

The actress, who made her acting debut in 2004's 'Barbershop 2: Back in Business', says no one in her family could relate to her while facing the pressures of fame during her younger years.

AceShowbiz - Keke Palmer struggled to deal with childhood stardom. The 30-year-old actress, who made her acting debut in "Barbershop 2: Back in Business" in 2004, admits that she didn't know how to deal with the pressures of fame during her younger years.

She said on her "Baby, This Is Keke Palmer" podcast, "No one could relate to me, not my siblings, not even my parents. Anytime a dynamic is shifted like that it can get highly toxic, because no one knows how to deal with the trauma of being a celebrity, or having a celebrity child."

Keke believes she's actually "pretty good" after coming through that experience. The actress conceded that she "could have been worse off." She shared, "My parents did great, and I said this in my book: I can judge all day and night, but I'm pretty good. I could have been worse off. But the reality is, I remember at that time, as a child, when I did not have the awareness and the understanding and words and the knowledge that I have now, I just said 'I'm never coming out again.' "

Meanwhile, Keke previously admitted that she struggles with her work-life balance. The actress revealed that she struggles to strike a healthy balance between her work life and her professional life. Keke told E! News, "You're always trying to figure out how to maintain it. It's not easy and I would not ever say or give the impression that it is because it's not. So, I'm always working to make sure that I'm checking in with myself as much as I can."

The actress has a series of "checks and balances" in place to help her to find that balance. She shared, "I'm definitely highly fulfilled from what I do. For me, performing is an act of service and I feel good in that space. I feel good in the service of others."

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