Mo'Nique Attempts to Defend Herself for Calling Her Husband 'Daddy', It Backfires
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While some Instagram users encourage the 'Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire' actress to not listen to critics, others still take issue with her stance about calling her spouse 'daddy.'

AceShowbiz - Mo'Nique has criticism for revealing that she called her husband, Sidney Hicks, "daddy." The "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" star, however, remained defiant amid the backlash, prompting online users to drag her even more.

The 55-year-old attempted to defend herself by sharing a video from her interview with Je'Niece McCullough where she made the confession. Alongside the clip, she wrote, "HEY MY SWEET SISTERS. FOR THE ONES THAT GET IT YOU GET IT. FOR THE ONES THAT DON'T YOU DON'T. WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. I LOVE US 4REAL!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM."

While some people encouraged Mo'Nique to not listen to critics, others still took issue with her stance. One person in particular commented, "Monique you're too old for this." Another argued, "Too ridiculous to fathom." A third chimed in, "No. Husbands are not fathers and they are not here to nurse Daddy wounds. That's a trauma bond." A different user then added, "For Whatever reason It still sounds crazy."

The criticism continued with one writing, "She's always tryna sound profound & deep. No Mo'Nique… this was weird asf. Your man, your partner should not have to raise you. Help, teach, assist, please, etc … sure but that verbiage sounds creepy & crazy." Someone else simply stated, "Nobody gets this Mo."

In her original interview with Je'Niece, Mo'Nique shared, "My husband, my best friend, my brother, he's had all these hats." The Oscar winner went on to explain, "And, a lot of black women would say, 'Why do you call him Daddy?' Because he's raising me. He's raising me."

Many have since reacted to Mo'Nique's revelation. "Okay yeah no. This sounds like daddy issues because your husband should not be 'raising' you," one person wrote, while another commented, "calling your man 'daddy' doesn't seem weird until you explain it like this lol."

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