Remi Bader Shuts Down Rumors Her Boyfriend Is 'Being Paid' to Date Her

When making an appearance on 'High Low with EmRata' podcast, the TikTok content creator gets candid about the hurtful comments that she and her boyfriend received.

AceShowbiz - Remi Bader has broken her silence on unpleasant comments on her current relationship. After her boyfriend was accused of "being paid" to date her, the fashion influencer shut down the false speculations.

The 28-year-old content creator revealed that she and her boyfriend, whose identity she kept under tight wraps, have been receiving negative comments on their romantic relationship. She opened up about the matter when making an appearance in the Tuesday, September 26 episode of Emily Ratajkowski's "High Low with EmRata" podcast.

"What really hurts me is seeing the things when I post with my boyfriend, and I love posting videos with him and it's fun and we post funny things together, and then people are just like, 'Clearly he's being paid to be with her,' " she admitted. "Like, 'There's no way such a good looking guy would be with a girl like that,' 'He has to be using her.' Whatever it is, that can't not get to someone."

Despite the body-shaming that she faces, Remi shared that her beau has been a supportive boyfriend. "He's been the one that's told me, 'I don't want you to lose weight in ways that are making you feel bad about yourself,' like, 'I love you the way you are.' So when I see people saying the opposite, or make me feel like there's no way he could love me, and when people say, 'Just don't read it,' I'm like, 'You don't get it,' " she explained.

The TikTok star stated, "I'm trying to just focus on us and we do have a really great relationship. We just have fun and were funny together." She went on to elaborate, "To have a boyfriend while dealing with all this is hard, but I realized, 'How long was I gonna wait? Was I gonna wait forever to get to a point to where I felt perfect?' That's never gonna happen."

Previously, Remi said that she wanted to stop sharing updates on her health journey via social media due to hurtful comments. "I try to not look at the really mean things online the best that I can because it really saves my mental health," she stated in a TikTok video published on September 17. "[But] there's been a ridiculous amount of body shaming … saying things like how much bigger I've gotten or how much weight I've gained."

Later on, Remi received support from reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. "Just a little @remibader appreciation post. You are perfection just as you are. Exactly as you come. In all phases, you are perfection," Khloe penned on Instagram Stories uploaded on September 18. "Never forget that your soul sparkles, your smile is magic and your heart is pure."

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