Lizzo Calls Critics of Her Met Gala Look 'Fatphobic'

The 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker makes a bold statement against body shaming following her Met Gala appearance, spreading a message on self-love and resilience in the face of negativity.

AceShowbiz - In April, ahead of her eye-catching appearance at the 2024 Met Gala, Lizzo made a resolution to steer clear of "negative energy" and stop feeding into the negativity of her detractors. This decision was tested when her Met Gala outfit, a botanical sculptural gown and towering corset headpiece crafted by Victor Weinsanto, became the subject of internet mockery and unwarranted criticism.

Faced with disparagement, Lizzo's response was both bold and revealing. "If I'm not in your best dressed, you're fatphobic," the singer said, addressing her critics in an Instagram post immediately following the event.

The criticism could have overshadowed the meticulous effort and creativity that went into Lizzo's Met Gala ensemble. Victor Weinsanto, the designer behind the outfit, shared with The Hollywood Reporter that the creation of the dress, originally showcased in his spring/summer 2024 collection, entailed almost 700 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

The design was personalized for Lizzo, with the fabric dyed to match her skin tone and a corset-inspired headpiece carved out to reveal her face, enhanced by makeup artist Alexx Mayo's work. "I didn't want to be the designer responsible for a fall in front of the whole world. And honestly, now that the dress has been recreated for Lizzo, I like this version even better. It's also perfect for showcasing her gorgeous body," Weinsanto remarked.

The Met Gala wasn't the only highlight of the night for Lizzo, as she later donned a fairy-like ensemble for an afterparty, featuring a magenta velvet corset with wing-like extensions, completing the look with opera gloves and stilettos. She was joined by friend and fellow artist SZA, making for an unforgettable entrance.

Lizzo's Met Gala appearance and subsequent reaction to criticism speak volumes of her journey towards self-empowerment, resilience, and the ongoing battle against body shaming and negative energy. This stance came at a significant time as, just three months prior, Lizzo faced and navigated through a legal battle involving a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by three of her former background dancers.

Through her fashion, words, and actions, Lizzo continues to serve as a beacon of self-love and positivity, challenging societal norms and embracing one's true self, irrespective of external opinion or unwarranted criticism.

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