Remi Bader Defended by Fans After Being Bullied by 'Mean' Influencer

Alexandra Cristin is dragged after asking her Instagram followers to participate in a poll about her fellow social media personality, who recently got candid about being trolled over her weight.

AceShowbiz - Plus-size influencer Alexandra Cristin was under fire for her comments on fellow social media personality Remi Bader. The former received backlash after allegedly "bullying" Remi through a poll on Instagram Story.

Earlier this week, Alexandra asked her 88,000 followers to participate in a poll about Remi. "Answer me above please!!! AM I the only one that doesn't like or get the hype of Remi??" the Glam Seamless founder wrote on Instagram Story while tagging Remi.

It didn't take long for Internet users to come after Alexandra over the unnecessary poll. In response to the backlash, she issued a statement in which she tried to defend herself. "I don't like when someone plays victim for being plus size. I don't know if this girl gained weight later in life but for people that have been big our whole life and fighting it, so not only the bullies, but also getting the weight and keeping it off I just don't like a victim mentality," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

"Not that I don't like her personally she's great good for her I just don't like the hype around being a victim … social media has created a lot of softies that cant take opinions other than their own or what 'sounds right,' " the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur added. She also shared a screenshot of herself searching Remi's name on Reddit forums alongside a quote about expressing your "authenticity."

Alexandra Cristin's Instagram Stories

Alexandra Cristin is accused of 'bullying' Remi Bader.

Despite Alexandra's explanation, it didn't stop fans from criticizing her. "This has to be the meanest and most bizarre behavior I have witnessed from an allegedly body-positive fashion influencer … I have no words," a Reddit user wrote. Another, meanwhile, thought that Alexandra was weaponizing "authenticity as an excuse for bullying."

Another critic said, "Alexandra Cristin needs to find better things to do with her time. This reekssss. Ew." Calling Alexandra a "mean girl," someone else added, "Damn I can't stand remi but I'm not out her [sic] blatantly attacking her on my instagram story. What an absolutely wild move."

While Remi has yet to comment on Alexandra's remarks, she previously got emotional in a TikTok video when she talked about being trolled over her fluctuating weight. "I try to not look at the really mean things online the best that I can because it really saves my mental health," she said last month.

"[But] there's been a ridiculous amount of body-shaming … saying things like how much bigger I've gotten or how much weight I've gained," the Victoria's Secret model went on. "It's really not fair to just see really mean, mean things. I'm taking care of myself the best that I can."

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