Tory Lanez in 'Great Spirits' in Voice Message From Prison Despite Claims He Fears for His Life

Addressing his fans in a voicemail posted to his social media page, the 'Luv' rapper assures them that the 'disadvantages' do not 'spark no fear in my heart at all.'

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez is calling from jail. The Canadian hip-hop star has shared an upbeat message from prison shortly after it was reported that he's scared for his life while serving his 10-year sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in summer 2020.

The Canadian native had a message for his fans known as Umbrellas in the voice mail posted on his social media page on Monday, September 25. "Ay Umbrellas, man. What's good?" he began in the post. "I'm talking to you live from prison right now."

Comparing his current cell to his previous one after he was transferred to state prison last week, he gushed, "Man, I'm just happy to get out from that bulls**t county jail. They was hating on a young fly n***a, ya heard? Had me on 24-hour lockdown. Half-sized cell by myself. No windows, no mirrors. N***a ain't even see himself in a whole year yo."

Sharing his positive outlook, the 31-year-old told his devotees, "But with all them disadvantages against me, my head has always been held high, man. I want y'all to know I'm in great spirits, and my drive and ambition is growing stronger and stronger every day."

Tory went on thanking fans for their support during this "scary time" and encouraged them to "not be afraid." He insisted, "This don't spark no fear in my heart at all. In fact, I'm more prepared than ever."

The "Say It" rapper also teased his the deluxe edition of his 2021 album "Alone at Prom", saying, "The music, the videos and all the projects you've wanted? They all (sic) ready to drop. So let's just start with the one that we want most."

Tory's upbeat message seems to contradict previous reports which said that he fears he could be fatally attacked behind bars at North Kern State Prison in Delano, California. A source told TMZ, "Tory is scared for his life and safety in prison. He feels like he is an instant and direct target because of his celebrity status."

"His family is concerned for him as well, especially his dad. He has been in contact with his family, and they are all trying to keep his spirits up," the source added. "He definitely had his moments where he has teared up (and is) realizing who his real friends are."

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