Emily Simpson Defended by Fans Against Backlash Over Weight Loss From Ozempic

After proudly showing off her slimmed-down look, the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star receives negative comments from critics, who suggest she lost 40 pounds from Ozempic.

AceShowbiz - Emily Simpson has been defended by her fans against online critics. The star of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" received support from a number of social media users despite being bombarded with backlash over weight loss, which she claimed as a result of exercising, taking Ozempic and undergoing liposuction.

The 47-year-old reality TV star's devotees came to her defense via Instagram on Tuesday, September 19. In the comments section of her post featuring her slimmed-down look, one Instagram user in particular penned, "Ozempic didn't do that s**t. Go girl! @rhoc_emilysimpson love you! Love the clapbacks!"

Similarly, another gushed, "Girl, you are PHAT [fire and red heart emojis] HATERS ALWAYS GONNA HATE REMEMBER AS LONG AS THEY TALKIN ABOUT YOU, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT [clapping hands emoji]."

Aside from heartwarming responses, Emily was bombarded with criticisms from haters who suggested that she lost weight due to Ozempic. One of them pointed out, "Able to get it off? You had lipo and are on ozempic (or at least were on ozempic). That is not you getting it off. That's someone/something else talking it off artificially. You look great but don't pretend you did this."

In the meantime, another critic asked, "Be honest @rhoc_emilysimpson did you have skin removed and were you ozempic?!?!? You look amazing but after people lose weight, they have extra skin so I'm wondering where yours went."

Earlier that day, Emily uploaded footage of her journey in losing weight. In it, she also showed off her slimmer appearance in a swimsuit. Along with the clip, she wrote, "Around age 42 I gained 40 pounds and it wasn't until now (age 47) that I was able to finally get it off and feel like my old self again."

"Just to be clear though… I rocked a bathing suit on TV for 5 years and never felt ugly or not confident in myself or my body. Not once," she continued. "I am the strongest (mentally and physically) right now … at age 47 …and I will continue to improve myself daily. My only competition is Me."

Emily further showed her appreciation, "Thank you for following this journey with me and for those of you who are always kind and comment positive things. I appreciate you! For the haters out there.. I love you too! You motivate me daily to lift harder and eat better. Thank you @paulinastein for texting me at 6am every morning and confirming that my a** would be at the gym by 7."

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