Matthew McConaughey Makes Fun of Jason Bateman's 'Mortifying Meltdown' on Podcast
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The 'Magic Mike' actor admits that it was 'entertaining' to watch the 'SmartLess' podcast host attempting to solve technical problems for 30 minutes before taping for a podcast episode.

AceShowbiz - Matthew McConaughey has made fun of Jason Bateman's "mortifying meltdown." Recalling the time when Jason had technical difficulties before taping for a podcast episode, the "Magic Mike" actor could not help but burst into laughter and trolled the "SmartLess" podcast host.

Making an appearance in the Monday, September 18 episode of "SmartLess" weekly podcast, Matthew recounted the moment when Jason was trying to solve technical problems before recording a podcast episode two years earlier, along with other podcast hosts Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

Will brought up the topic and played a recording of the hilarious moment. In it, Jason said that he gave up with the technical problems after his 30-minute attempt, leading Matthew to laugh. In response, Jason was irritated and asked, "Great. Who the f**k is that? Great, that's helpful."

The tape went on to play Matthew's reaction. "Let me tell you what I've heard here over the last 30 minutes," Matthew said. " 'Uh we gotta reboot here. His iPad got cloned and then it got wiped right before the dog peed on it. So I gotta reboot one more time. Wait a minute, it's buffering. Wait, let me reinstall. No, I'm installed. I'm just gonna restart.' "

" 'We got a failure. I need a security check. Oh s**t, we got a virus. Let me reschedule this whole show. You know what? You guys start without me. F**k that! Everyone be patient. Oh s**t what are we going to do? I'm in a total f**king tailspin,' " he continued, imitating Jason's complaints.

"All of that while you still had a sand wedge in your hand had been really entertaining, but not as entertaining as watching f**king Bateman over here mentally midgetating on this s**t," Matthew added. " 'F**k it, I'm in a tailspin.' I'm in a tailspin! [laughs]."

In the podcast episode, Jason explained that he had no idea it was Matthew. "The worst part is me hearing somebody laughing thinking it's Will or Sean and going, 'Who did that?! That's not helpful!' And then I just slammed my laptop shut, took my ball, and went home like a b***h," he elaborated.

"It's not one of my prouder moments," Jason admitted. "I was like, 'Goddamn it.' And the fact that it was you laughing and that I actually inadvertently yelled at you and slammed the laptop on you!"

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