'90 Day Fiance' Recap: Mary and Brandan Expecting First Child Together

Even though Mary's grandparents who raised her are against the couple having premarital sex, a new episode of '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' reveals that Mary's pregnant.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance" stars Mary and Brandan are set to be parents. The couple appeared to have ignored Mary's grandparents' warning not to have premarital sex as a new episode of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" revealed that Mary's pregnant.

Airing on Monday, September 18, the episode saw Mary taking a pregnancy test which later confirmed that she and Brandan are expecting their first child together. In confessional, Mary shared that she had no regrets while her grandparents might not be happy about the pregnancy news.

"I know that I want to wait until marriage before having sex, but I change my mind because when Lolo [my grandfather] is gone, I feel so confident," Mary explained. "And Brandan is here now in person, and I really love him and I feel ready to give my all to him. You know, we're humans."

As for Brandan, he said that it was Mary who wanted a baby and Mary said she had "baby fever." He said, "I've been waiting over two years to be with this woman and be intimate with her, so when she made the choice to kind of like pop the cherry, I was fully on board. And then she's like, you know, 'I just really, really want a baby.' "

"And I thought trying to make a baby will help us become a better couple. Now that she's pregnant, I'm like, 'Oh s**t, this is really happening.' Like, what? Things just got a lot more complicated," he continued. He also told Mary, "I'm excited, but I'm also just really, really nervous and anxious."

Mary, however, was still nervous about her grandfather's reaction to the news. "Lolo always said marriage before having a baby or sex," she noted. "That's a big deal because of our culture here in the Philippines. I get it. I don't know what to do."

The baby news aside, the couple was facing another issue. Brandan told Mary that they're running out of money. Brandan wanted to ask her grandfather for money, but Mary refused to do so because of his age and the fact that he raised her and her brother after they were abandoned by their parents. Of the situation, Brandan said, "I'm starting to have doubts. I just really hope that we can handle everything that's on our plate."

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