'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All: Jasmine Storms Off the Set After Gino's Bachelor Party Video Is Shown

During the tell-all special, Jasmine gets emotional due to the never-before-seen footage as they are also arguing over the hurtful things she told him about her ex.

AceShowbiz - Jasmine got emotional in a "90 Day Fiance" tell-all special on Sunday, March 3. The episode saw her after never-before-seen footage of her husband Gino at the strip club for his bachelor party was shown.

In the episode, Jasmine was confronted by other cast members about her behavior with her ex Dane. Rob noted that whenever Jasmine was upset at Gino, she would make comments about Dane to rile him up.

Jasmine admitted that she was "a b***h," acknowledging that she had anger management problems. She also claimed that Gino triggered her by saying that he had no issue having sex with his exes, but he couldn't have sex with her. Host Shaun Robinson then asked Gino if that was true. He didn't immediately reply before he denied it.

Later in the episode, Gino's bachelor party at the strip club was brought up. During the tell-all, Gino revealed that the reason why he didn't tell Jasmine was because she was in the process of coming to America and saying goodbye to her family and he didn't want to stress her out.

He added that Jasmine had a divorce party, but Jasmine yelled at him that she never went to a strip club. Cast member Clayton then commented, "She should have used that $2,000 on anger management classes." That prompted Jasmine to tell him to "shut the f**k up."

The episode then showed a video featuring Gino at his bachelor party. He could be seen happily interacting with strippers and tipping them and at one point, he went onstage while strippers danced on him.

Upon watching the clip, Jasmine cried while Gino awkwardly smiled. "It's a bachelor party, it's like a once-in-a-lifetime experience," he noted. "Bachelor parties are a normal thing, OK?"

Not stopping there, one of the dancers from the club made a remote appearance on the tell-all special. Calling Gino awkward, the dancer added that he didn't seem interested in being there and that it seemed like he just wanted to hang out with his family and have a good time. That, however, didn't make Jasmine less upset as she continued crying hysterically.

"I would have never gotten married to you had I seen this before the wedding," she told him. "You were hugging them, Gino. You never look at me that way. You never make me feel desired! You never compliment me this way."

In response, Gino blamed everything on all the hurtful things that she's said to him. Not having it, Jasmine decided to storm off the set and told him, "You play, Gino. You wanted this. You got it."

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