Millie Bobby Brown 'Scared' as Fiance Jake Bongiovi Does Her Makeup

In a new adorable video shared on YouTube, the 'Stranger Things' actress lets the son of Bon Jovi do her makeup while answering some questions from fans.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi make a cute couple. In a new adorable video, the "Stranger Things" actress let her fiance do her makeup while answering some questions from fans.

Shared on Millie's beauty brand florence by mills' YouTube channel, the video saw Jake attempting to put a makeup on his fiancee's face. After enough deliberation, the son of Bon Jovi said while grabbing the brand's Tilt N Tame Eyebrow Pencil, "We're gonna start with your eyebrows." When Millie suggested him to start with foundation instead, Jake insisted that he previously saw her do her eyebrows first.

As he filled Millie's brows in, Jake explained how the two met for the first time. "We met via Instagram … When we first met in person, I picked you up from the airport. You were playing it cool, like 'Whatever,' " he recalled.

After he finished with her eyebrows, Millie then assessed his work. "From afar it doesn't look horrible, but up close it's scary," she said while laughing. That prompted Jake to redo it and fortunately it looked much more natural the second time around.

"Now that the eyebrows are done, we're gonna move on to the eyeballs," he announced, much to Millie's dismay. The "Enola Holmes" star then tried to make her fiance put foundation on her next and he eventually did.

Jake hilariously set her face with the florence by mills' You Matte-r Mattifying Setting Powder before he even applied concealer, contour or blush. He asked Millie while tapping the product onto her face, "How do you think I'm doing so far? Is this good?" The British star replied, "You're doing great," before grimacing at her appearance to the camera.

He later moved on to put concealer under Millie's eyes and spread bronzer across her cheek bones, resulting in a dramatic contour. Not stopping there, he applied the Cheeky Pop Blush Sticks to her cheeks, straight down her forehead and to her nose.

"What made you want to put the blush on my nose?" Millie asked her beau, who said that he wanted to give her a "cold chilly Christmas" look. After drawing a winged eyeliner and adding more product below her waterline, Jake concluded his makeup session with Be a VIP Velvet Liquid Lipstick. The duo shared a kiss before sharing more laughter.

In the video, Jake also shared he was so nervous when he proposed to Millie. "Because it's not a known story, there were many different factors that went into it that were actually life threatening," he divulged.

The couple got engaged in April after dating for almost 3 years. The Eleven depicter broke the happy news in a sweet Instagram post, writing, "I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all."

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