Megan Thee Stallion Thanks Cardi B for Sticking Up for Her: 'You Never Jumped the Ship'

The 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker commends her 'WAP' collaborator for being 'consistent' and 'real' following the release of their latest joint single 'Bongos'.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion has applauded Cardi B for remaining "consistent and real." The pair - who previously ruled the Billboard charts with "WAP" in 2020 - have reunited for new single "Bongos", and Megan, 28, said Cardi, 30, is one of her closest friends in the industry.

"Cardi is somebody that I want in my space, in my energy, so it's so easy to work with her, cause she got good vibes, she got good energy. I want her to be in my space," Megan said on a livestream video on Cardi's YouTube channel.

"This girl is probably the only girl who have been this consistent and this real and this, just, great of a person to me. So I just wanna say, Cardi, I really love you. At a time you could've jumped ship, you never jumped the ship. And you always been rocking with me and I'm just so appreciative. We be fighting for each other."

Cardi replied, "You know how I am. I be very shy, I be, like, really shy, like a lot of times, to hit you up, and sometimes, like, I don't wanna, like, push. But I'm always like, 'B****, I'm fighting in the back.' "

Meanwhile, Cardi - who is known for her outrageous stage persona and raunchy lyrics - has claimed she is the more "serious" one of the two. She told ETCanada, "I feel like people just think that I'm like, 'rawr, rawr, rawr' but I'm very like, more shy. I'm very shy. Like I even be shy with Megan and she be like 'Girl! stop!'. Also, when it comes to me and Megan, I'm the more serious one.

The 'I Like It' hitmaker went on to add that Megan is always telling her to be more "optimistic" in general and helps her relax when she is feeling "tense" over a project. She said, "I'm like, 'Okay, we got to get this together.' And she's always like, 'Girl! This is great. You got to be optimistic, Cardi.' She's very optimistic and she makes me more relaxed because I'm always tense."

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