Andy Cohen Defended by Fans After Getting Touchy Feely With Man at NYC Pride
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Going viral on social media after his conduct at a gay club was being secretly filmed, the 'Watch What Happens Live' host finds support from many Twitter users.

AceShowbiz - Andy Cohen has found defenders in the form of his fans. After a video of him getting touchy feely with a man at a New York City Pride event went viral on social media, the "Watch What Happens Live" host received support from many online users.

On Sunday, June 25, the 54-year-old's name was all over Twitter as fans came to his rescue. One wrote, "I hate to defend Andy Cohen of all people but secretly recording people is corny as fuck. So it's a gay man being gay, why is this newsworthy? Please touch grass."

Another chimed in, "People are really shaming Andy Cohen for having a hot guy sit on his lap during pride?" A third stated, "I'm in agreement. Am I missing something? I don't really pay much attention to his personal life. I've seen him and A**Edson in DC a lot. Gays being gays during Pride. Doesn't look non-consensual to me. Also, stop sneak recording people. Creeper."

A fourth went as far as berating the one recording Andy secretly, "I wish I could like this twice. Secretly recording people is not ok behavior. Not getting consent to film someone is creepy. Invading someone's sense of privacy by sharing it w/millions is not 'good content.' It's gross. I wish we would cancel this bad habit already."

The justification of Andy's act on social media came after a video of him at a gay club circulated online. The clip, which could be seen filmed without Andy's knowledge, captured him playing with the nipple of a man, who was sitting on his lap, all the while he was talking to another man.

Andy himself has not responded to the viral video. Still, a few days prior, he set the record straight about his feelings to John Mayer. On his SiriusXM show, he clarified, "I was on Howard Stern last week and he asked me about my friendship with John Mayer and I said, 'Yeah, you know,' said kind of flippantly and offhandedly that we love each other."

"It became headline news and the more it became headline news, the more butthurt I got over it. You know why? Are two men not allowed to say that they're in love? Are we all so flipped out?" he continued. "It felt very pure and real, but not sexual whatsoever. It was grounded in our friendship, so that's why I just think that a friendship of two guys, that doesn't seem like headline news to me."

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