Taxstone Slapped With 35-Year Prison Sentence for Shooting Troy Ave's Bodyguard

The former rapper, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting Troy Ave's bodyguard, Banga, back in May 2016.

AceShowbiz - Taxstone will spend quite a long time behind bars. The former rapper has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting Troy Ave's bodyguard, Banga, seven years ago.

Offering more details about Taxstone's sentencing was reporter Shawn Setaro, who was present at the New York courthouse on Tuesday, June 20. Shawn tweeted, "#Taxstone gave a defiant statement during the hearing."

"His final words were, 'Half the stuff that was told on the stand by Troy Ave is a complete lie to protect himself from going to jail,' " the reporter added. "The judge was absolutely clear in stating his belief that during the trial, #Taxstone was 'obviously' engaged in 'the procurement of false testimony.' "

Taxstone was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting back in March. The incident himself took place at New York City's Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert in May 2016.

Troy himself was shot and wounded during the incident as he tried to fight back. When sharing his side of the story on Nick Cannon's "The Daily Cannon" last month, he stated, "If I'ma die, I'ma die fighting."

"I'm not just gon' be on the floor like, 'Oh, I'm hit.' And let the person that shot me and my man get away," the emcee further declared. "Like f**k it, we all gon' die in this b***h then."

"Now we fighting for the gun and s**t, he start squeezing those shots. I'm biting the n***a on his neck, he's biting my forearm. I managed to get more control of the gun than him, I just start pistol-whipping him," the New York City native added. "I turn around to make sure everyone I came in with is good."

Troy went on to recall, "We leave out the room, and this is the part they showed on the media. This is the part that made it look like Troy Ave came into a club recklessly and started shooting." He then noted, "What people don't realize is I was coming out of a VIP room where I was attacked and I was shot. When I'm shooting, is when I see him."

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