DJ Drama's Jewelry Robbers Give Shout-Out to Drake

Claiming to have stolen the 'So Many Girls' rapper's chain necklaces while he was in Toronto, Canada, the thieves record themselves as they proudly show off their loots.

AceShowbiz - DJ Drama's jewelry robbers have given a shout-out to Drake. After claiming that they have stolen several chain necklaces belonging to the Generation Now founder, one of the thieves could be heard in a viral video mentioning the "In My Feelings" artist's name.

In a clip making its way online on Sunday, June 11, the alleged thieves could be seen showing off the loots they claimed to be owned by the 45-year-old rapper. While doing so, one of them bragged in the footage, "That's what you f**king get for not checking in. Shout out boy Drizzy, eh. Triple Gs, you know how we rock."

The video was put out on Twitter, along with a photo of Drama wearing the jewelry pieces. The included photo seemingly offered authentication of the thieves' claim that they have stolen the rapper's jewelry since the ones they flaunted looked similar to the ones in the snap.

Drama himself has long been rumored to be in a feud with Drake. Their dispute was believed to have started after words circulated that Drama spilled to fellow artist Meek Mill about Drake using a ghostwriter to come up with his featured verse in Meek's song "R.I.C.O".

However, Drama and Drake made their fans believe that they have ended their feud. In 2022, the two worked together for a project with Jack Harlow, and Drama responded to a fan's tweet about their dispute in May that same year.

In a tweet published on Drama's twitter account, the "So Many Girls" rapper set the record straight by saying, "We gotta stop this narrative lol. Me & Drake been put that to rest. Grown men s**t, and beyond that Jack & Drake cultivated they own relationship. Now erybody go stream that 'Churchill Downs'!"

DJ Drama Tweet

DJ Drama set the record straight about his feud with Drake in May 2022.

Most recently, however, Drama found himself being deemed "goofy" by another rapper. On May 30, Meek blasted Drama for continuously "speaking down" on him. He tweeted, "Dj drama a goofy over these h*es lol he won't speak good on me I tore him up in the A."

In another tweet, Meek explained the situation, "I asked drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too, told him he's a goofy. I also hit him when he tried to compare 'Dreams And Nightmares' to '[Just] Wanna Rock' AND DOWNPLAY ME. DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU THEY DONT REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL."

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