DJ Drama's Girlfriend Spotted Getting 'Super Cozy' With Him Despite Abuse Accusation

Earlier this week, Debakii claimed that the record producer physically assaulted her during their vacation in Turks and Caicos, alleging that he bit her so hard her hand was bleeding.

AceShowbiz - Have DJ Drama and his girlfriend Debakii reconciled after her abuse accusation? Earlier this week, the social media star made headlines when she claimed that the record producer physically assaulted her during their vacation in Turks & Caicos. She even shared on Instagram Stories a video of her hand and alleged that it was swollen and bleeding due to Drama.

In the clip, Debakii could be heard saying, "Bleeding from how hard he bit my hand," before adding that this wasn't the first time things like this happened to her. "This guy is a f***ing woman beater. It's not the first time, not the last time he's put his hands on me."

Later, she shared another update taken from a doctor office and claimed that she needed to seek medical treatment to her injury. Debakii also thanked fans who had reached out to her and told them that she was planning to leave the area once she figured out a way to fly home. "I'm OK and I am going to leave," she said in the video.

However, Debakii was still in the island with Drama and was spotted getting "super cozy" with Drama at one point. In a clip captured by a passerby, the raven beauty was seen fiddling with her phone in a two-piece bathing suit. This, unsurprisingly, sparked outrage among social media users who were quick to blast him for not going back home as soon as possible. "The stupidity," one wrote. "Smh.... some of y'all never learn!!!" another frustrated user noted.

Debakii herself had actually explained why she was still staying in Turks & Caicos after the alleged abuse. Revealing the reason on Instagram Stories, she wrote, "There isn't any flights available to fly out till Thursday form (sic) what I was told. As for me not having money I left my wallet at home I didn't expect this to happen while on vacation I do have money but not on me."

"And when I said this isn't going to be the last time I was in emotion and wasn't thinking straight when talking I didn't mean I was going to stay for it to happen again," she continued. "I didn't call the cops because I'm in Turks and Caicos I don't know how the system works here."

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