DJ Drama's Side Chick Injured After Getting Assaulted by His Girlfriend Debakii

His side chick, Chantal, claims that she feels like the musician set her up to get attacked by his on-and-off girlfriend and is hurt by the whole situation because she genuinely likes him.

AceShowbiz - Keeping true to his name, DJ Drama's weekend was full of drama. His girlfriend Debakii and alleged side chick, Chantal, got into an altercation on Sunday, February 16 that left the latter with several injuries on her body.

Speaking to The Shade Room, Chantal claimed that the drama happened when she tried to FaceTime Drama on that day but instead of the rapper, it was Debakii who answered her call. The two girls started getting into a back and forth, with Chantal insisting that she only started dating Drama because he said he had broken up with Debakii. Things allegedly got physical between Drama and Debakii after that and their call was cut off.

Later on, Drama sent a message to Chantal asking her to come over so that he could apologize in person. Chantal agreed, but Drama later told her not to come. Despite the warning, Chantal still arrived at his home and immediately got attacked by Debakii. To make matters worse, Chantal claimed that Drama recorded the whole fight instead of breaking it off.

Debakii later posted the footage on Instagram Stories and wrote, "Got me off before I smashed ur head on the cement but it's ok cuz know that kick in ur head Gonna hurt tomorrow."

Chantal, meanwhile, told The Shade Room that she was injured and sent a photo of her black eye that was caused by the assault. She also claimed that she felt Drama purposely set her up to get attacked and was hurt by the whole situation because she genuinely liked the musician. "The whole thing was out of character for him," she told the gossip site.

It remains unknown whether Chantal is going to press charges on the couple due to the assault. On the other hand, neither Drama nor Debakii has responded to the story.

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