Fivio Foreign Treats Fans to New Joint Single With Kanye West 'Concussion'
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The New York rapper, who previously teamed up with Ye for 'City of Gods', 'Off the Grid' and 'OK OK', also unleashes a 14-minute-long documentary 'Without Warning'.

AceShowbiz - Fivio Foreign has reunited with Kanye West for his new single. On Wednesday, May 31, the New York native unleashed "Concussion" ft. the Yeezy designer, which is a part of a new surprise project "Without Warning".

Kicking off the AyoAA and Al Be Back-produced track is Ye. He first raps, "Yeah, you know where we at/ Yeah, we know where we at." He continues, "Y'all ain't got no love for Snoop Dogg?/ Y'all ain't got no love for Dr. Dre?/ Y'all ain't got no love for Ye?"

"All of the time, they was holdin' 'em back/ We ain't have it, but we did it with that/ We ain't have it, but we didn't relax/ See, we ain't have it, man, it's over for that," the father of four goes on. "They counted me out, gonna react/ Somethin' all for cussin', it only help the percussion/ It only help the progression, it only made the aggression/ It made me more aggressive, it made me more impressive/ It made me feel the pressure."

Fivio, who previously teamed up with Kanye for "City of Gods", "Off the Grid" and "OK OK", closes it out by bragging about being "copied" by other artists. "All the new drill n***as copy me/ After the space, was in odyssey/ My vision ball, like monopoly/ N***a, I'm more than a prodigy, huh/ Even my diamonds be watchin' me," he spits.

Aside from the new music, Fivio treated fans to a 14-minute-long documentary that shows footage of his interviews, performances as well as studio sessions. In the video, he also credits Lil Wayne and Drake for inspiring him to drop the surprise EP.

"In their primes, when they were coming up, and they were doing what they were doing, they were flooding, they were dropping a lot of music, they was dropping mixtape [after] mixtape," he elaborates. "I feel like, when you drop a lot of music and you're consistent, you get to be lit, you get to be big. You got to feed the people, feed the fans, feed the n***as that want to hear this s**t."

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