Machine Gun Kelly Berates Megan Fox's 'Johnny and Clyde' Co-Star Over Movie Scene
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Tyson Ritter recalls that when he pitched an idea for the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' star's death scene, the 'Bloody Valentine' rapper suddenly went 'ballistic' on him.

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly apparently wasn't afraid to meddle in Megan Fox's business. The musician has been accused of berating her "Johnny & Clyde" co-star Tyson Ritter when he pitched an idea for her death scene.

In an episode of Ted Stryker's podcast which was released on Tuesday, May 30, The All-American Rejects frontman recounted the moment MGK went "ballistic" on the set. He revealed that the "Wild Boy" hitmaker completely lost it when he pitched an idea of his character, a henchman to Megan's villain role, putting his fingers in her mouth at her death as an act of "revenge."

" 'Because you've been teasing putting my fingers in your mouth [throughout the film] that when you're dead, I put my fingers in your mouth,' " Tyson recalled how he told Megan about his idea. "And it's like this sort of resolution to my character getting his revenge."

But his idea made MGK "super angry" and prompted him to go totally "ballistic" on the singer/actor. "He was super bummed about me asking if I could put my fingers in Megan Fox's mouth... and I knew she was right there and he just went ballistic," he claimed, before adding, "He kind of went maniac mode."

Tyson said that there was "no resolution" to the issue between them. "I think the whole experience was just like, 'What the actual f**k is happening?!' " he said of his feelings at the time. "He was fully unhinged."

Despite his confusion over MGK's reaction, Tyson called the confrontation the "greatest sort of gift" for him as an actor. He said he used it as an inspiration for his role in another film, "Prisoner's Daughter", in which he plays Kate Beckinsale's ex-husband who goes from "zero to apes**t" in one pivotal scene.

"So when [Machine Gun Kelly] started going apes**t on me, I was like, 'This is really confrontational but also, like thank you, dude,' " the 39-year-old shared. He went on assuring that he holds no grudge against Megan's man, attributing MGK's behavior to "maybe just having a bad day."

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