Nick Cannon Infuriates Beyhive After Saying Bruno Mars Has More Hits Than Beyonce

During an episode of 'The Daily Cannon' podcast, the comedian says that he 'would rather go to a Bruno Mars show than a Beyonce or Taylor Swift' because he has more hits than the 'Crazy in Love' songstress.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon isn't afraid to speak up his mind and be different, even though his opinions sometimes don't sit well with others. This time, the multi-talented star has stirred up a debate after comparing Beyonce Knowles to Bruno Mars.

In a new episode of his podcast "The Daily Cannon" podcast, the 42-year-old comedian/rapper and his co-hosts compared the ticket prices for a Bruno show to a Beyonce or Taylor Swift concert when he said that he would rather go to a Bruno show, because he has "more hit records." He said, "See I think, no offense, but I would rather go to a Bruno Mars show than a Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Who got more hits?"

When his co-hosts disagreed and stated that Beyonce has more hits than Bruno, Nick insisted, "I'm a Beyonce fan. I still believe Bruno Mars actually has more hit records." His co-host went on to name some Beyonce hits to remind Nick, including "Crazy in Love", "Drunk in Love" and "Single Ladies", noting that Beyonce has more hits from Destiny's Child's catalog.

When pressed by his co-hosts to name some of Bruno's hits, the father of twelve failed to name a single comparable song from the "Versace on the Floor" singer's catalog. He replied, "Y'all putting me on the spot."

After Nick posted a clip of the episode on Instagram, many soon weighed in on the topic, with one saying, "Nick you tripping." An apparent Beyhive defended the R&B diva, "Like Dude, you Literally Have More Children Than HITS, Your Seeking the Same Attention You Don't Give those 50 Leven Children! leave BEYONCE ALONE !!!!!!!"

Another warned Nick, "Keep Beyonce's name out your f**king mouth.. this ain't the kinda clout you want." Someone else disagreed with "The Masked Singer" host as noting, "It's infinitely goddess Beyonce I love Bruno Mars but it's Beyonce close to 2 billion on a tour 25 million for one night a mother and a wife she's a walking empire if I'm going to witness greatness I want to witness the greatest."

One other argued, "you can't even compare the 2 Bey been out for the longest, destiny child HELLoOoo.. she got hit songs upon songs.. Bruno Mars is in a different category melodic wise... His melody game is serious!! His songs are hits yes, but not as much as Beyonce got in her back pocket IMO."

A Twitter user, however, agreed with Nick as writing, "Bruno Mars has no misses. And I think the fact that he only has three solo and one Collab album out with zero skips is remarkable. His shows are on another level and remind everyone of our late Great entertainers."

Another added, "Hell, I prefer Bruno Mars hands down, over Beyonce any day." Someone else agreed to disagree, saying that the answer to the question is "subjective."

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