Haley Lu Richardson 'Peed Her Pants' When She First Met Jonas Brothers

The former 'Shake It Up' actress reveals she was a huge fan of Nick Jonas and his two bandmates/brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas when she was a young girl.

AceShowbiz - Haley Lu Richardson recalls "freaking out" during her first meeting with the Jonas Brothers. The 28-year-old actress features in the group's "Wings" music video, and Haley Lu admits that working with Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas was a long-time ambition.

"The first time I met the Jonas Brothers was when I was 12, and somehow my parents finagled me into getting a meet and greet pass. I don't know how, but they did it," "The White Lotus" star told PEOPLE.

"It was a dream come true. My mom came with me. I was at their concert in Irvine, and so we drove to California for this concert because I grew up in Arizona, and I waited in line for a couple of hours before their concert started."

"Then, I got to meet them and take a picture with them. I don't remember if they let me hug them, but I think I said hi and was just freaking out and peeing my pants. Unfortunately, I had braces and a unibrow, so that was not the hottest face of my life but, internally, it was a beautiful moment."

Haley Lu remains in awe of the brothers, and she's confessed to being overcome with emotion during a recent encounter in Las Vegas. The actress shared, "I don't have braces and a full-on unibrow now but, weirdly, the picture that I took with them at their [recent Las] Vegas concert, I look so bad because I'm just smiling and crying so hard that my face is contorted. It almost looks painful because I'm so happy. I've yet to have a picture of me and them where I look actually really good."

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