T.I. & Boosie BadAzz Spotted Chatting Up at Airport After Ending Their Feud

The 'Whatever You Like' rapper and the 'Wipe Me Down' spitter are photographed being engaged in a conversation at the airport, a few weeks after the former revealed that they had buried the hatchet.

AceShowbiz - T.I. and Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) proved that there's no longer bad blood between each other. Having ended their feud, the "Whatever You Like" rapper and the "Wipe Me Down" spitter were recently spotted chatting up at the airport.

In a photo surfacing online on Sunday, April 9, the two emcees seemed to have been engaged in a conversation while standing in front of each other. Though the picture lacked context, some online users had something to say about it.

"Boosie always dressed up as a 19 year old who be taking off guards at a gas station," one person quipped. Another theorized, "Boosie tryna get that n***a to be in one of his films." Someone else then jokingly commented, "Why TI standing there like n***a don't hit me."

Boosie and Tip's beef started after the former spoke up about canceling their joint project because Tip allegedly snitched on his dead cousin. The "Live Your Life" emcee then fired back, "Yeah so... Idk if it's you or ya 'OG Uncle' that needs to see it... but I GOT MY PAPERWORK ready to show!!! PULL UP!!! My number the same & my address the same my n***a."

"To get on da net & speak on s**t you've never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!!" he fumed. "I'd NEVER speak 'certain disrespect' on your name/reputation bout a 'IF' homie..."

Tip later showed the paperwork on Instagram Story. "FYI…Can't Nobody Who Got dey name in other people's paperwork question me about mine!!!!" he declared. "I got it on me…. we can have a paperwork party PULL UP…or [shh emoji]."

In late March, however, Tip divulged that they had buried the hatchet because they are "too grown for that." He told The Neighborhood Talk "We are both proud, present fathers for our sons... It ain't no hate on one another, we're too grown for that."

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