Keke Wyatt Dragged After Filming Her Infant Son Back to the Hospital

The 'Nothing in This World' songstress comes under fire after she shares a video of her 10-month-old son Ke'Zyah taken to the hospital in an ambulance, just weeks after his previous hospitalization.

AceShowbiz - Keke Wyatt's youngest child is hospitalized again, but not everyone is into how quick the mother of eleven shared the news on social media. The singer, who has been open about her struggles to raise her youngest child, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 13 a.k.a. Patau Syndrome during her pregnancy, has been dragged online after taking to Instagram to inform her followers about her son's latest health issue.

On Thursday, March 30, Keke posted a video of her son Ke'Zyah Jean Darring being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. "Well, unfortunately y'all, we're back on... this," she said, before showing the baby who lied in a gurney with many medical equipments attached to his tiny body.

After asking the paramedics inside the vehicle to say hello to the camera, she jokingly said of her child, "Look at this fella. I don't like him. I don't like him at all." She went on sharing advice to other future parents, "So, anybody want a baby? C'mon, I got you."

While people are praying for Ke'Zyah's speedy recovery, some were not impressed that Keke could even think of filming it for her social media post. "I'm not being funny, Film your journey I get it .. but THIS would be the last thing on my mind," one person reacted to the clip.

Another claimed, "She likes attention and the attention her children / being pregnant brings. Now she has a baby who is sick which is the ultimate pull for attention. Y'all just now seeing it ?" A third user said, "Why does social media need to see everything lawd, some moments are private. That man wanna do his job saying hello to us wasn't on the requisition."

"Praying for the baby but like, am I tripping or was this video kinda weird," a fourth person weighed in. Another baffled user remarked, "Man people are so attached to their phones in the ambulance with your baby is WILD," while someone else added, "It's her telling the emt to say hello to the camera while the baby in the stretcher."

Several people, however, have come to Keke's defense, with one arguing, "She's stressed and is laughing to keep from crying. Just pray for her baby and her." Another explained, "Y'all have no idea what coping mechanisms are???? This is her way of coping with what she is going through In no way is it easy to have a child that is sick day in and day out and still keep a smile on your face just to make it through the day! If filming helps her then so be it. If you had a child sick for a day or 2 u get overwhelmed , frightened and even frustrated bc u can't help them like u want to!! So imagine on a daily basis not knowing what's next."

Keke later returned to Instagram to give a new update on her son's condition. She said in a video that the 10-month-old boy has "pneumonia in his left lung." She asked for prayers as she added in the caption, "He has pneumonia!!! God plz heal my baby!!!"

This is not Keke and her youngest child's first trip to the hospital. Back in September 2022, she revealed that Ke'Zyah was treated in ICU for an unspecified illness. Later on February 10, she shared a video of her cradling her baby son in an ambulance as they headed to the PICU.

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