Bhad Bhabie Gives Her Mom Lap Dance at 20th Birthday Celebration

The OnlyFans creator flexes her twerking skills in front of her mother Barbara Ann Bregoli while wearing a barely there pink bikini during the intimate gathering at her Florida mansion.

AceShowbiz - Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli doesn't hide anything from her mother. Having come a long way since "Dr. Phil", the raptress and her mom Barbara Ann Bregoli apparently have managed to form a strong bond as they recently celebrated the social media personality's 20th birthday together.

According to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie threw an intimate gathering at her Florida mansion on Sunday, March 26, with only her close friends and family, including her mom Barbara, in attendance. In the presence of those closest to her, the birthday girl really cut loose.

As seen in a video obtained by the site, Bhad Bhabie wasn't only flaunting her curves, but also showing off her twerking skills. Clad in a barely there pink bikini, she was seen bending over in her swimsuit and jiggling her butt in front of her mom.

At one point, the OnlyFans creator put her leg across the chair where Barbara was seated and continued twerking for her mother. As others cheered on Bhad Bhabie, her mother said to the camera, "She didn't learn this from me because I don't know how to do it."

On Wednesday, March 29, Barbara also took to her social media page to defend her daughter from critics who accused the "These Heaux" femcee of disrespecting her mom on national TV, referring to the mom and daughter duo's appearance on "Dr. Phil" in 2016. "No, dumb a**es. She didn't disrespect me on national TV," Barbara said in an Instagram video. "Actually, that statement she made was to somebody in the audience. It wasn't to me."

She also took to her Stories to clap back at the haters. "Imagine being an adult and they still talking the same s**t they have been for years - haters always going to hate - they keep your name in their trifling mouths!!!!!" she penned.

Barbara Ann Bregoli's IG Stories

Bhad Bhabie's mom Barbara defended her daughter against critics.

"Let's be real you all can't handle the fact she has real talent - it literally eats up and your sorry a**es," Barbara claimed, before adding in a separate Story, "You have to wonder how some individuals were raised when they come into someone's else home and disrespects it!!!"

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