Honey Boo Boo Issues Apology for Her 'Ghetto' Accent, Insists She Didn't Mean to 'Offend Anyone'

The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' expresses his remorse in a lengthy statement after getting slammed by people online for talking in a black accent during a recent TikTok live.

AceShowbiz - Alana Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo has issued a public apology for her "ghetto" accent. Having come under fire for speaking with her "blaccent," the "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" alum insisted that she didn't mean to "offend anyone."

The reality TV star expressed her remorse via Instagram Story. "No, I wasn't attempting to offend anyone," she declared. "I did this because people frequently comment on how 'ghetto' my speech is. Which i feel in no way i do! i feel like i am my own true self and if you don't like it you simply don't have to comment on it!"

"i basically did this to troll everyone back that swears i'm trying to be something i'm not!" she added. "i was proving a point to the karen's that love having an opinion on everything! but if in any way i did disrespect anyone i apologize i never meant for it to come off like that."

Alana went on to address her head taps. "also i would love to add that in no way was I being rude or disrespectful by the head taps," she claimed. "I [understand] that people use that method to relieve [an] itch when they have a hairstyle."

"I'm fully aware, I also love trying new wigs as well," the teenager further stated. She concluded her lengthy post by writing, lastly this is the last time i will speak on this topic."

Alana was dragged online after she talked in a black accent during her recent TikTok Live. "Honey boo-boo patting her head in that video was distasteful. She equates that ghetto representing something only black women do in which we do to protect our hairstyle while relieving an itch. It's not something people should view as ghetto," one person tweeted.

"I'm sorry. I chuckled," one other mocked. Shocked, another user wrote, "Honey boo boo got a blaccent now...." with someone else adding, "why all the white people we liked we were younger turned into a n***a cosplayers."

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